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2023 State of Local: BrandMuscle

The 2023 State of Local Marketing Brings Revenue-Boosting Insights to Channel Marketers

Brands rely on partners and affiliates to drive local marketing campaigns but lack visibility into what’s really going on at the local level. That’s why BrandMuscle surveyed 3,192 channel partners and analyzed 146,832 data points to identify where local marketing programs fall short and how they can be better optimized.

The 2023 State of Local Marketing is a series of data-backed reports that explore the behavior of local partners and the impact their actions have on the bottom line. This first party research is packed with takeaways marketers can implement immediately and is designed to help brands activate their channel partners to maximize results. This annual benchmark has become the industry standard for local marketing insights.

Today, the first report is available on The Local Marketing Gap. The local marketing gap is the difference between how affiliates feel about the value of marketing versus the reality of the campaigns they execute.

Key insights revealed:

  • Partners with high marketing savvy see 44% more revenue growth.
  • 83% of affiliates view marketing as important to their success.
  • 66% of channel partners don’t assess their marketing strategies regularly.

The 2023 State of Local Marketing series will cover a wide range of local marketing topics, including how to motivate affiliates to use co-op funds, which marketing tactics maximize ROI, and why keeping partners happy matters more than you think.

“BrandMuscle is committed to investing in first-party research that helps corporate channel marketers and their affiliates understand where they are on the marketing maturity curve,” said Helen Baptist, Chief Strategy and Market Officer at BrandMuscle. “This benchmark helps reinforce that brand and compliance requirements are met and explores how to streamline complex co-op/MDF rules and regulations.”

Once a static printed book, the series is now in a new dynamic digital format divided into six topic-specific sections. Readers can expect a new report to be released each month. Additionally, cohort analysis will be conducted to deliver insights on local marketing across specific industries and verticals.

“The State of Local Marketing is the annual benchmark for local marketing that helps our clients compare performance within the verticals they operate in,” said Jordan Feise, Senior Director of Content and Brand at BrandMuscle. “I am proud to inherit the foundation of The State of Local Marketing and take it into its new digital-first era.”

The first report, The Local Marketing Gap, is available to read now. Subscribe to The State of Local Marketing Newsletter and be the first to know when new data drops.

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