2024 Customer Support Technology Value Matrix: Nucleus Research

Leaders in the SMB ERP market include Microsoft, ServiceNow, Talkdesk, and Zendesk.

As core CRM capabilities mature, customer support-specific technology has become essential in enhancing customer experiences by automating tasks such as case management, knowledge management, and omnichannel support. Customer support technology encompasses a broad array of functionalities vital for delivering exceptional customer experiences, including case management, knowledge management, omnichannel support, automation of routine tasks, real-time analytics, self-service portals, and AI-driven support capabilities. These functionalities are designed to enhance the efficiency of support teams, improve response times, and ensure consistent and personalized customer interactions.

“The integration of AI has shifted the market’s focus from not only improving agent efficiency, but also enhancing overall customer satisfaction through advanced ticket routing, predictive analytics, and proactive engagement,” said Senior Analyst Cameron Marsh. “Real-time data processing and natural language processing (NLP) allow for immediate adjustments in support strategies based on live customer interactions and feedback for more intuitive and effective customer communication management.”

The evaluation of customer support technology vendors emphasizes both usability and functionality, focusing on criteria such as ease of use, flexibility, integration with existing systems, scalability to accommodate growing support needs, comprehensive analytics without the need for additional add-ons, quality of customer support, and the availability of industry-specific features.

Leaders in this year’s Value Matrix deliver advanced functionality without sacrificing ease-of-use at scale. These include Microsoft, ServiceNow, Talkdesk, and Zendesk.

The Experts in this year’s Value Matrix are organizations that deliver value to customers with complex use cases through deep functionality and industry-specific capabilities. These include Oracle, Pega, and Salesforce.

Accelerators in this year’s Value Matrix deliver value through greater ease of use and quick implementation. These include Creatio, Freshworks, SugarCRM, and Zoho.

Core Providers deliver core capabilities with faster and less expensive adoption. This year’s Value Matrix Core Providers are HubSpot and SAP.

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