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3G reveals continued strong results for the first half of 2022


3G, a leading modern-day transportation management system (TMS) and enterprise shipping software provider, today revealed continued strong results for the first half of 2022 exemplifying the company’s positioning in the industry as a high-value solution for brokers, shippers, and 3PLs combating today’s supply chain challenges.

In the first half of 2022, 3G increased its employee base, experienced strong revenue growth, and made sizable investments in both customer experience programs and market research. As a result, the company is seeing above industry average customer retention as well as increased win rates and engagement rates with both new and prospective customers. This continued company momentum speaks to the significant market opportunity and demand for mission critical solutions to seamlessly manage the movement of goods.

3G’s mission is to be the most trusted resource in transportation management and multi-carrier shipping. 3G Chief Marketing Officer, Jen Holtvluwer, worked with a leading third-party research firm, to help ensure 3G remains the foremost expert in the space by gaining a better understanding of new and ongoing demands in the supply chain marketplace. This was conducted to equip the organization with relevant broker, shipper, and 3PL needs and buying insights. “I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for the team to leverage customer insights to inform our collective efforts. When you listen and act on the voice of customer, you provide the best customer experience and the demand you create is narrowed and focused on who you can best serve,” said Holtvluwer. Better understanding our customers and buyer needs led to strong retention, a significant increase in buyer meetings, and new revenue business was up more than 30% in 1H 2022 vs 1H 2021.

“Our customer retention and increased win rate demonstrates the need for and value of 3G’s solutions in our current marketplace and global environment,” said Stephanie Richelieu Stagger, Chief Customer Officer, 3G. “Current and prospective customers understand and experience the mission critical nature of our solutions. They see and feel the need for an integrated, seamless, and efficient method to manage increased freight demand, find capacity, and continue scaling their business while overcoming the myriad of disruptions that have hit our industry over the past two years.”

Focusing on human capital and investing in employee’s growth and career progression has been the focus of 3G’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Shauna Coleman, who has overseen double digit promotions and placements and a projected 61% increase in close rate for open positions in 2022.

3G’s success in human capital was featured in a cover story in Women Achiever magazine, “Meet the Women Moving the Transportation Management Industry Forward.”

“In order to effectively overcome the disruptions that we see in our industry today, customers require an efficient human layer to partner with the advanced technology we offer,” said Coleman. “I’m truly thrilled about the momentum we are creating at 3G, as I not only believe 3G is a great place to work, but also believe in our solutions’ ability to make our customers’ lives easier.”

In addition, 3G was recognized as a ‘Top 100 Software and Technology Provider’ by Food Logistics. These types of honors are the result of investments in partnerships with industry influencers to showcase subject matter experts, build share of voice, and brand recognition.

“Industry recognition like the ‘Top 100 Software and Technology Provider’ award solidifies our stance as an industry leader,” added Holtvluwer. “We are dedicated to helping the transportation business grow and empowering our customers to make better shipping decisions while reducing freight costs and meeting service goals.”

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