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7 Ecommerce Display Advertising Tips

Display advertising has grown as one of the significant methods of advertising for marketers. It is being recognized as an effective way of attracting the audience of a website, social media platform, or other digital platforms to take a specific action. Ecommerce platforms are harnessing it more and more to increase sales. Programmatic display ads. when created well, generates lots of clicks and also builds awareness of brand awareness. According to a study, using videos on landing pages can increase conversion rate by 86%. A study also reveals that women spend more time and money on online shopping. They click through ecommerce websites 30% more when compared to men. This survey was conducted in various countries such as the United States, Europe, UAE as well as Asia.

Because of the increasing competition in the ecommerce market, customer acquisition has become a tough task. It is also difficult to create an advertisement that stands out from the crowd. Ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4 trillion per year by 2020, so it is expected that more display marketing will be used to increase the sale.

So, here we have segregated some effective display advertising tips for you, let’s have a look at them.
1. Use high-quality images and videos
High-quality images are clear and attractive. Using high-quality images can encourage the user to buy a product that is kept for sale. When a user is attracted towards a product, he makes sure why he should buy a product, how it looks like and gets a clear idea about it and using high-quality images & videos gives him that clear look and feel of the product, hence bringing him one step closer to buying it.

Images and videos make a space in the mind of a user making him think about buying the product. Many times ads that are lifeless and static fail to the attract attention of the customers, in such cases moving images, videos, and Gifs. play an important role.

By making your ads visually appealing to your potential consumers, you can increase the chance of them visiting your site and checking what else is being sold, this can help you get a loyal customer. For e-commerce, programmatic and display advertising also presents exciting opportunities for retargeting too.

2. Display offers with dynamic content
Dynamic content enables your brand to serve a range of numerous content elements directly to your customers. Practically, this means that using live data feeds in your display advertisements to feature selected products or offers.

If you utilize dynamic content powered by data feeds, you can show specific ad creative to specific consumers. For example, geolocation data can be used to inform a data feed, which will then show specific offers, live and in-banner, based on the location of the customer.

Dynamic content allows you to make your e-commerce display advertising engaging and relevant. According to the research conducted by Bannerflow, 87% of European display advertisers have yet to take advantage of dynamic ads.

3. Stay reactive with moment marketing
Being reactive according to the moment helps you to stay a step ahead of the competition in e-commerce. This doesn’t simply mean responding to the latest offers of your competitor’s, reacting can also mean interacting with events affecting the outside world. For example, climate change, the FIFA World Cup!










If you develop campaigns that embrace the moment and cater to present events, you’re more bound to reach your target audience. This is the reason why moment marketing is such a dominant feature of present-day campaigns.

Displaying advertisements, on the basis of the latest happening can attract more views and also sales.

4. Use retargeting
Display advertising offers the chance to reach your potential customers throughout their entire sales journey. Retargeting is a strategy that uses display advertisements to attract the attention of the audience who have already visited your site, or expressed interest in the things that you sell, and convince them to purchase.

When you use retargeting, display ads will show online users items that they have already looked at online or searched for on your website or a search engine. By using retargeted display ads, you can remind the users of the item they were looking at, bring their attention back to the potential purchase, and persuade them that they should actually buy it. At a base level, e-commerce marketers can retarget their potential customers with products left in their checkout basket with a simple retargeting pixel placed on the checkout page of their website and mobile app.

5. Rotate creatives regularly
When it comes to display advertising, ad fatigue is a real thing. If you’re planning to promote specific products using display ads, then you’re going to need to have multiple ad creatives ready, regardless of whether those creatives are for the same product.

Users can tire of seeing the similar ad content quickly, which can lead them to ignore the ad or to use an ad blocker to stop seeing it completely. By having multiple creatives ready to go, you can switch the creative in a few days and decrease the chance that people get sick of seeing the content of your ads.

6. Include promotions and deals
In your display advertising content, add information about various deals and promotions. In that way, shoppers will be able to see deals that are available right now, then visit your site to take advantage of them.










Ensure that your CTA is clear in the display ad and that the ad links to a landing page that offers the consumer a clear, straightforward way to take advantage of the deal you are offering. By making it easier for users to take advantage of deals with display ads, you increase the chances they check out what you have to offer and that may increase the chance of conversion as soon as they visit your site or landing page.

7. Implant trust with customer reviews
Are you looking for a tactic that is effective enough to boost your conversion rate? Then you are looking for customer reviews.

Limited optional income makes consumers cautious about spending their money, and few things are more reassuring than a glowing review from someone who’s already bought some of your products. Adding ratings and reviews on the pages of your products is a time-tested, straightforward way to turn more site visitors into customers.

In order to create successful e-commerce campaigns, it’s essential that your marketing team has access to the best advertisement tech. If you aim to attract the right audience for your e-commerce business, it makes sense that you would want to take advantage of digital display ads to draw their attention to what you do, then convince them to purchase.


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