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86% of Consumers Believe AI-Generated Content Should be Disclosed

IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands and agencies, released its latest research report, Influencing AI 2023, today. The report is based on a survey of more than 1,100 U.S. internet users ages 18-60+ years and aims to understand the state of adoption, usage, and awareness of AI technology and AI-generated content while monitoring AI’s impact on the daily lives of the average consumer. When asked if they believe AI technology will significantly impact society in the near future, 84% of all survey respondents answered yes.

From AI chatbots and writing assistants to self-driving cars, AI is becoming deeply embedded in today’s society, empowering users with personalized experiences and unprecedented convenience. The survey found that 31% of all internet users actively integrate AI technology into their daily routines. Users are boldly exploring its capabilities, and according to the study, 54% of all respondents who use AI say that it saves time, and 41% say it increases productivity. Although AI is becoming increasingly more prevalent, 86% of all respondents believe that users should disclose AI-generated content. Last month, IZEA announced the industry’s first disclosure engine for generative AI content.

“Artificial intelligence has quickly become an essential tool for progress, productivity, and ideation not only in industries like influencer marketing but in the average consumer’s daily lives,” said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA. “Consumers are becoming increasingly more comfortable and less apprehensive of AI, unlocking its endless possibilities. We are witnessing a transformation of the information age, and I am enthusiastic about what’s to come.”

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The report is available to download for free at Influencing AI 2023. If you are interested in partnering with a brand or influencer, visit

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