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A B2B marketer’s guide to webinars

No better marketing technique demonstrates your expertise & thought leadership and generates quality leads for all funnel stages than webinars.
Webinar marketing

Modern marketing works on one precept- to get value, give value. Webinars help your business deliver tremendous value to your ideal audience, accelerating your pipeline while keeping the attendees engaged.

Webinar marketing has to be strategic. From the webinar topics to the distribution channels- you need to chart out the entire path to get a bang for your buck. This blog post will be your go-to guide to making webinars work wonders for your brand. Let’s dive in!

The Way Forward

Brainstorm topics your audience wants to learn more about and find intriguing. You may start by talking to your sales and customer success teams to gauge what questions the customers/prospects have. Study your social channels and figure out what your audience is most interested in, what questions they’re asking, and what they are seeking.

Pro-tip: Look for your most-read blogs and see if you can turn one into a webinar.

Webinar marketing isn’t all about driving registrations; it’s more about making it engaging for your attendees.

Leverage conversation marketing so the audience can ask questions, raise hands, and chat amongst themselves. Include a quiz or a game that keeps them focused. Also, start your session with an icebreaker, ensuring your audience doesn’t hesitate to participate.

Understand the number of registrations will vary from topic to topic. The goal shouldn’t be to get more people to attend your webinar but get more people in the middle or bottom of the funnel. It makes the decision-making process easier for them and skyrockets sales. Most brands host an hour-long webinar but considering that it’s a big commitment to ask from busy professionals, consider if you could cut a few minutes, keeping it short and crisp. Your audience will appreciate that you respect their time.

Webinars are an excellent demand generation tool if used right. They help you build relationships with your prospects in real-time and solve their pain points.  With webinars, things get personal- you do not remain another faceless brand in an over-saturated market. Sending reminder/ follow-up emails is crucial, so your attendees can add it to their calendars and make time for your webinar. You must keep your content refreshing, educative, and resourceful, or what’s the point?

Creating a webinar is one thing, but promoting and distributing it is a different ballgame altogether. You can market the webinar to your existing email newsletter subscribers.  An email blast doesn’t require much time and reaches a high number of people in a short time. Try leveraging social with creative graphics and build buzz using the right content. If you don’t have the requisite bandwidth/ time, consider partnering with companies with an engaged audience base.

The Editor’s Note

Most B2B professionals are turning to webinars to find answers to their problems and progress in their respective fields. They want actionable insights, not another hour of wasted time. Webinars will help your marketing take a huge step forward. The only caveat is- you have to do it right.

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