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True-E Marketing announced that its VP and Co-Founder, marketing expert Jenny May, continued to collect multiple awards and accolades, including the International Elite Women of Influence Technology Award, for her ongoing efforts to educate North American/Chinese SMB clients on the importance of online branding and digital marketing. Throughout the pandemic, Jenny created more than 600 hours of free programming and educational material solely dedicated to helping companies thrive by teaching the effective digital marketing approaches she used to launch three major internet companies onto the NASDAQ and the NYSE. Already highly regarded in China for her expertise, Jenny leverages professional contacts and unique skills to help North American clients quickly and smoothly integrate into a growing online 5G marketplace. True-E Marketing provides links to its free marketing courses via the company website.

We’re very proud of Jenny and it is no surprise to us that she continues to earn recognition for her work, because she deserves it,” said investor Lloyd Zhang, M.S. Business, and True-E Co-Founder. “We see her in action every day and she is a tireless advocate for our clients, always working to onboard them with the most innovative content marketing approaches. Jenny has always provided consistent, high-levels of positive exposure, brand expansion, and exponential company growth for every client she works with. This is what has made her a recognized marketing leader in China, and in just a very short period of time, she has brought her expertise to bear for our North American clients as well.” (

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