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A marketer’s handbook for combating the COVID-19 outbreak


Covid-19 had a rather tumultuous impact on the globe. It indeed is  a pandemic in the truest sense. The marketing and advertising sector has also witnessed a hurricane that started from cancellation of several events across the globe to shutting down on major blockchain ventures. This can be predominantly due to the blockchain dependency that the world had on the epicenter, China.

The martech and ad spendings have seen to be hit with the lowest biddings. This is primarily due to the massive lockdowns imposed across nations. The lower the functioning the lower is the proficiency with which the ads can make their reach. Amidst the massive chaos that is the COVID-19 we should strive to make the most of our day while the sun still shines.

With our research and current events we have showcased how to find that little light at the end of this dark tunnel of lockdown. This mini marketer’s handbook amidst the COVID-19 outbreak will guide you to be on the lookout for your current set of marketing and advertising activities and make a phase shift if needed.

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