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A new digital marketing platform, based on AI- ADLINE is launched to demystify Marketing

marketing automation

ADLINE, a SaaS company based out of Oslo has marked the launch of its Artificial Intelligence-based platform for digital marketing.

Adline is a simple solution for an everyday marketer, it automates all the redundant activities involved in digital marketing and advertising. It is a combination of the most important tools for marketing under one platform. It is an easy-to-use platform that gives users access to all the tools in one platform martech news.

Adline commits to streamlining the advertising and digital marketing processes for marketers. It also removes the tedious task of monitoring separate platforms for a thorough analysis and generation or growth reports showing the effectiveness of each platform. It facilitates traffic and conversion alongside analytics.

The tool also has a virtual assistant Elena that is powered by Artificial Intelligence, to help users make use of the best practices and appropriate guidance to build a working marketing plan and apply the same. The platform has clear pricing instructions that are based on the number of visitors. They scale from starter packs to the pro models. Different options are available to suit different SMB sized organizations.

Adline has a simple dashboard that shows marketers their customer’s whole journey. Making use of this, marketers can profile their target audience and keep a close eye on their behaviors and patterns, the cost per acquisition (PPA) of advertising and the need for putting in more efforts to drive conversions. The solution embarks a new journey, the more simplified one where it has access to over 1000 media sites and 4 channels of advertising.

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