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The social mobile commerce solutions provider and multi-channel commerce Platform, Boutir has announced that the company has entered into a strategic partnership with iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited, whereby iClick will be seen becoming the strategic partner of Boutir.

Boutir is known in the martech news section for committing to helping SMEs develop opportunities for business growth, and with this strategic alliance, the company expects to provide further help to the SMEs for enhancing long-term profitability and competitive edge by better deployment of online and digital marketing solutions and customer engagement.

This strategic partnership of Boutir with iClick will be seen providing opportunities for SMEs on its platform, such as:

  • Access to the O2O resources of iClick in Southeast Asia, which will facilitate the expansion of Boutir in the region and accelerate the adoption of social media e-commerce by merchants on the Boutir platform.
  • Access to the marketing capital and targeted marketing solutions on Boutir, to merchants for increasing their ad conversions.
  • The behavioral data of 900+ million users of iClick, which will allow Boutir to increase the technological sophistication of the ad marketing campaigns of the company and also for delivering digital marketing solutions for the merchants of SMEs on its platform.

Eric Ng, Founder of Boutir stated that the company is quite excited as well as pleased to be welcoming iClick as one of its key strategic alliances. iClick is a very well renowned provider of independent marketing and enterprise data solutions in the region. In order to achieve ultimate success through marketing autonomy, Boutir, as well as iClick, share the same vision of supporting SMEs in improving their marketing experience.

Eric further added that the mission of the company is to help each and every SME, regardless of its size, experience, etc. and aid to improve the effectiveness and precision in its online, social media, and content marketing strategies.

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