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Accure Acne, Quanta System partner to expand Accure laser use in EU

Access to Quanta System's Distribution Network Will Allow EU Clinicians to Acquire the Groundbreaking Accure Laser System
Accure Acne

Accure Acne, Inc.™ (, a pioneer in innovative acne treatment solutions, announced today that Accure and Quanta System will expand their successful partnership, enhancing access to the revolutionary Accure Laser System in Europe. Quanta will leverage its robust distribution platform to provide clinicians across the EU with this new acne treatment method.

“Our partnership with Quanta has been foundational for Accure,” commented Christopher Carlton, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Accure Acne, Inc. “Expanding this relationship to accelerate our access to the EU marketplace is exciting. Quanta’s commercial expertise and success history should yield significant impact this year.”

The Accure Laser System employs the 1726 nm laser wavelength with proprietary technology to control thermal gradient depth, maximizing impact on the sebaceous gland. This AcneTech breakthrough includes a unique pulsing algorithm, integrated temperature monitoring, and precise automated control. During a limited commercial release, several European providers have reported compelling clinical outcomes. The Accure Laser achieved the first-ever CE 0123 Mark certification for a 1726nm-based device for treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris and has received FDA clearance for treatment of mild to severe inflammatory acne vulgaris.

“I have used the Accure Laser for over a year with excellent, consistent results,” added Christine Dierickx, MD, Founder of Skinperium Cosmetic Dermatology in Luxembourg. “Patients are seeking non-systemic acne treatments with strong outcomes. I’m pleased to see Accure and Quanta expand access to this device in Europe.”

“The Accure Laser offers an exciting opportunity for our commercial partners,” said Girolamo Lionetti, CEO of Quanta System. “We’ve partnered with Accure from the beginning and are proud to enhance our mission to bring revolutionary technology to clinicians, impacting patients’ lives.”

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