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Aceyus and Zoom Mark Partnership with New Integration Launch


Aceyus and Zoom announce a new partnership that delivers robust reporting and analytics solutions to Zoom’s growing enterprise contact center customer base.

Aceyus recently completed the initial data-integration phase with Zoom Contact Center, offering real-time and historical interval reporting along with analytical capabilities. The integration tracks and reports on agent-engagement call center metrics, including status, total calls handled, outbound calls, average answer time, average hold time, transfer intervals, and more. The next integration phase will offer real-time and historical reporting and data visualization capabilities across the entire Zoom Unified Communication suite.

Over time, the developing integration between Aceyus and Zoom will allow for the addition of more detailed customer data and advanced query tools. With the unique ability to develop configurable software solutions that integrate vast amounts of data from many disparate sources and visualize it on a single dashboard in real time, Aceyus is uniquely qualified to address this specific challenge.

“Our in-house development, professional services, and leadership teams offer an exclusive brand of trusted knowledge and ongoing support that delivers solutions specifically designed to address the challenges that Zoom and its customers face,” said Mike Ary, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Aceyus.

“Aceyus offers advanced analytics capabilities to improve the experiences of our customers,” said Kentis Gopalla, Head of Ecosystem, Zoom Contact Center & Zoom Phone, at Zoom. “Together, we will drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences. Aceyus brings a depth of knowledge and insights because of its extensive experience in the contact center industry.”

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