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Acquia showcases Power of Open Source Drupal for Human-Centered DX

Highlights use of the popular content management system (CMS) during DrupalCon

Acquia, the digital experience leader, is proud to be a Diamond sponsor of DrupalCon, taking place in Lille, France, from October 17-20. The event brings together hundreds of Drupal community members and enthusiasts. It offers a wide selection of workshops and sessions designed for developers, content creators, and marketers, as well as individual supporters of Drupal and the Open Web. The non-profit Drupal Association hosts DrupalCon.

The Drupal content management system (CMS) is one of the most widely used open source projects in the world and the foundation of Acquia’s digital experience platform, Acquia Open DXP. With Drupal, digital marketing teams can quickly create digital experiences for websites, commerce sites, mobile applications, digital signage, intranets, headless applications, employee experience applications, portals, and more. Acquia has long been the top corporate contributor to Drupal and the premier provider of hosting solutions and services for Drupal applications.

Dries Buytaert, Creator and Project Lead of the Drupal CMS and Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer at Acquia, will kick off the event with his Driesnote. An anchor of DrupalCon events, the Driesnote provides updates for all attendees on notable project developments and initiatives.

“At DrupalCon Lille, we’re excited to share the latest project initiatives and receive input from the community, including contributors and users,” Buytaert said. “More and more organizations look to Drupal to form the core of digital experience platforms that serve all users — regardless of background, identity, or ability — and protect personal data and public discourse. We’re working with customers, partners, and the Drupal community to unlock the potential of content to craft truly unique, human-centric digital experiences.”

Acquia Migrate: Accelerate Released as Open Source

Supporting migrations from previous versions of the CMS to more modern versions of Drupal is a key area of focus for Acquia. Attendees are invited to visit the Acquia booth to learn about making the move to Drupal 10. To support all Drupal users, Acquia has recently released as open source the Acquia Migrate: Accelerate (AM:A) tool. AM:A is designed to speed migrations from Drupal 7. All are also invited to download for free Acquia’s Ultimate Guide to Drupal 10, which covers version 10.1.

Acquia Talks and Training Provide Hands-On Advice

Join Acquia for the following sessions, lighting talks, and hosted events at DrupalCon:

  • Welcome reception: This evening at 18:15 CET, Acquia and AWS present the welcome reception in the Expo Hall. All DrupalCon attendees are invited to attend.
  • End-to-end DevOps workflow: On Wednesday at 12:45, Senior Solutions Engineer Martin Anderson-Clutz leads a session on how to create a more efficient end-to-end DevOps workflow. In this talk, Martin will demonstrate how to use managed, cloud-based tools that make teams more productive at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle.
  • Building and designing human-centered user experiences: With 1.3 billion people worldwide experiencing significant disabilities and 15% of adults in advanced economies having low literacy, making digital experiences accessible to all individuals has never been more urgent. Together with partner Cyber-Duck, Acquia will explore how to reimagine content strategies to better serve all individuals. Join this important workshop on Thursday at 13:00.
  • Lightning talks to enlighten Drupalists: At least once each day at the Acquia booth, experts will hold 15-minute sessions on optimizing Drupal workflows and tools, accelerating Drupal development, and leveraging Drupal in headless architectures.
  • Free exam vouchers for Acquia certification: Through the Acquia Certification Program, individuals can receive validation for Drupal-related skills and knowledge to support career development. DrupalCon attendees can receive free program exam vouchers by dropping by the Acquia booth and providing a video testimonial about the program or by giving feedback on the program. A limited number of vouchers are available, so stop by early.

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