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Acquisition of Metric Digital by WPromote

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WPromote, a digital marketing agency, headquartered in California, announced the acquisition of a Direct-to-Consumer performance marketing agency Metric Digital. WPromote’s decision of acquiring Metric Digital will help both the companies grow and nurture in different ways. It will pave the way for Metric Digital to grow above and beyond the DTC services and for WPromote to be able to add a product line of performance marketing martech news

Even though the companies refused to disclose their terms of agreement, they do seem to have their ducks in a row.

The DTC market is maturing, and this acquisition is proof of that. The companies have momentum for holding the position to sell and serve their products and services. Since consumers are aware of the offerings, there is a need for them. It is a smart move by WPromote to use the new technology and data as a competitive advantage to grow larger martech.

Metric Digital, as an agency, was facing some challenges imposed by the market but wanted to grow and serve larger brands and bigger clients. And it was easier to solve complicated issues with the help of WPromote who already could serve Fortune 100 clientele.

Wpromote’s acquisition list includes companies’ like- Standing Dog, Prime Visibility, DemandWave, Growth Pilots and now Metric Digital, all within the last four years. This has increased the employee base to around 500 and no layoffs are being expected, except the cases of redundancy.

Utilization and generation of resources, right targeting and measurable results can be seen in the future of this agency. Challenges will come along the way and it will be interesting to see how these agencies show and use synergy while facing them.

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