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Act-On Software collaborates with Intel to Accelerate AI Audience Insights to Market

Act-On Software and Intel’s AI & Machine Learning Software Portfolio have developed some of the most advanced audience segmentation analytics tools. Leadership at both companies will present the collaborative effort and results at the Intel Innovation Conference in September 2023.
Act-On Software

Act-On Software, a leading provider of enterprise marketing automation solutions, is collaborating with technology leader Intel to accelerate development of a new AI-based software capability called Act-On AI Audience Insights.

Act-On AI Audience Insights works by analyzing billions of data points to highlight new segments within a customers database, providing information that yields higher outcome marketing opportunities. Using machine learning to analyze customer behavioral data (email opens, content preferences, and engagement metrics), it can identify unique audience segments to power marketing automation. In a traditional world without AI, marketers would have to create audience segmentations based on manual analysis and best guesses. AI Audience Insights helps the user identify audience segments automatically and in a fraction of the time, accelerating a process crucial to the success of digital marketing.

Act-On worked with Intel and Intel AI & Machine Learning Software Portfolio to both improve model accuracy and accelerate Act-On’s time to market. The Act-On and Intel teams used machine learning to ingest and analyze billions of data points of account and behavioral data, expediting the design and implementation of customized segmentation model. This collaboration is part of Intel’s efforts to democratize AI and make AI Everywhere a reality, supercharging developer productivity and performance through Intel AI & Machine Learning Software Portfolio.

Intel’s easy-to-use, modular AI software helped create these customer segmentation models that are incorporated into Act-On’s marketing automation application. This will allow marketers to more easily explore their own datasets.

“We are very excited about the power of AI to drive exponential improvement in efficiency and accuracy in Marketing Automation, and are investing aggressively to build it into the Act-On platform,” said Act-On CEO Kate Johnson. “We are thrilled to have Intel as a collaborator in elevating these data insights to empower marketers toward more effective campaigns and stronger ROI.”

Act-On and Intel will share more about the collaborative development process and use of AI at the Intel Innovation event series in San Jose on September 19. Sudhir Kulkarni, Intel VP/GM of Data & AI Platforms, and Syed Ahmed, Act-On Software SVP of Engineering & Operations, will both speak at the event.

“AI innovations have proven to make for an exciting and challenging time for companies across all industries and verticals,” Mr Kulkarni said. “This latest collaboration between Intel and Act-On shows one of the many real-world applications of how AI and machine learning can free up time for professionals to focus on the bigger picture.”

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