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Act-On Software is launching Act-On AI Create

Act-On Software, a leading marketing automation platform, is launching AI Create to help marketers generate efficient, compelling email content.
Act-On Software

Act-On Software, a leading provider of marketing automation solutions, is launching Act-On AI Create for enhanced email generation. This is part of Act-On’s multi-year commitment to further strengthen marketing automation and drive efficiency for marketers through AI. Act-On AI Create is available today to help marketers instantly create relevant email content and reduce time deploying automated programs.

Act-On AI Create is an email content generation tool. Casual and professional users of generative AI will feel familiar with the newly integrated OpenAI feature. With a simple prompt, marketers can now generate email content in seconds. Machine learning helps craft increasingly unique emails with each new prompt and revision. Act-On’s AI Create then plugs generated emails and optional subject lines directly into marketers’ templates, seamlessly integrating generative AI within Act-On.

“Act-On’s AI Create will benefit our email strategy and preparation,” said Mat Kanan, Director of Athletic Annual Giving at Oregon State University. “The ability to submit a few targeted phrases and have a succinct narrative provided in moments will increase efficiency of the process, while not diminishing the impact of the message. It is the next step in the evolution of donor communications.”

“We see AI as one of those standout technologies that will transform our industry and how marketers work. We are committed to being at the forefront of that transformation,” added Kate Johnson, Act-On CEO. “True to our vision, Act-On is focused on integrating artificial intelligence to deliver the easiest and most effective marketing automation solution, ensuring every release provides real value to marketers.”

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“We have been using Act-On’s AI Create feature for the past month, and I find it easily puts an end to writer’s block,” said the director of development at an enterprise transportation company that uses Act-On. “I now have at my fingertips refreshed versions of stale and outdated emails. Act-On AI Create also saves time developing text for new email campaigns, forms and landing pages. I recommend making this tool a part of others’ marketing strategies.”

Act-On’s AI Create is available for Act-On Software users immediately, the first of many AI features to come within Act-On’s marketing automation solution. For more information, visit or view this 50-second YouTube video.

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