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Actifai’s Engage drives Growth for Broadband Providers

The First-of-its-kind Platform Helps Broadband Service Providers Generate Higher Average Revenue per User, Increase Sales Conversions, and Enhance Customer Lifetime Value

Today, Actifai, an AI-powered customer engagement platform for broadband providers, highlighted the significant impact its flagship product, Engage, is delivering to the industry. The pioneering customer acquisition solution delivers measurable results for its growing list of customers who have realized a 12% average revenue per user (ARPU) lift on new sales, up to 30% conversion improvement, an average 22-fold return on investment, and customer lifetime value benefits totaling more than $100 million.

Engage is a customer acquisition-focused web application available within the Actifai platform. Backed by Actifai’s first-of-its-kind AI technologyEngage helps agents drive more effective, higher-value sales by leveraging external demographic, competitive and behavioral information to learn about a prospective subscriber’s unique background in real-time. This background information, combined with proprietary transactional data from prior sales outcomes, allows Actifai’s AI models to recommend a single optimized offer for each individual customer, increasing the likelihood of offer acceptance. By automating the customer discovery process and matching individual buyers with their optimized offer, Actifai Engage offers providers the first proven AI-backed acquisition solution designed specifically for their industry.

“With a growing number of choices and an increasingly crowded market, prospective subscribers are struggling to find the optimal offer that not only meets — but exceeds — their evolving expectations,” said Jeff Vogt, EVP and GM of cable, media, and telecommunications at Actifai. “Our state-of-the-art Engage product was developed to improve the customer acquisition experience for sales agents and subscribers. The technology helps providers stand out by better understanding customers at an individual level and presenting them with real-time, AI-informed offer recommendations that best match their needs. And today, the advancements that Engage has brought to market are making it possible for providers to consistently deliver the right offer for every one of their customers.”

The Actifai platform powers tens of thousands of customer engagements per week for a growing customer base, including both emerging, high-growth regional operators and some of North America’s largest cable and telecommunications service providers. A key to Actifai’s success is its dynamically generated sales rationale, which supports recommended offers with relevant points of emphasis in each distinct customer engagement. The platform’s AI and machine learning models identify these supporting sales statements to help customers understand why a recommended offer is specifically right for them, providing agents with the selling context and confidence they need to boost subscriber acquisition.

Actifai recently partnered with CSG, a global leader in customer engagement, revenue management, and payments solutions, to further revolutionize customer acquisition. By integrating Actifai Engage into the CSG Advanced Convergent Platform (ACP), ACP customers can seamlessly deploy the combined solution and enable their agents to sell more effectively with AI-recommended offers. The integrated solution enables operators to match each customer with the best offer tailored to their unique buying situation. The use of real-time external data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning empowers CSG customers to further personalize every customer experience and maximize the value of each engagement. Initial provider pilots are expected before year’s end.

Since 2019, Actifai has forged a quality, results-driven reputation built on authentic customer relationships, an easy-to-use interface, and outstanding customer results. Looking ahead to 2023, the company expects to continue its accelerated growth, onboarding additional service provider customers, expanding channel relationships, and launching a number of new, focused products to further enhance the customer engagement experience across digital and live channels.

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