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ActionIQ announces significant achievements with The Washington Post

ActionIQ's CDP Unlocks The Washington Post's First-Party Data to Drive Business Growth & Create A Holistic Reader Experience

ActionIQ, the composable customer data platform leader bringing order to CX chaos, announced significant achievements today in its two-year partnership with The Washington Post actualizing the full potential of the publisher’s first-party data to deliver a seamless and holistic experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

“The Washington Post isn’t just a storied and respected publisher, it is also an innovative product and technology leader as well,” said Justin Debrabant, SVP of Product at ActionIQ. “We are honored to be their trusted CDP partner, working hand-in-hand to create compelling and relevant experiences for their readers.”

For The Washington Post, ActionIQ’s CDP allows for faster analytics, improved segmentation and targeting for delivering the right content at the right time, deeper reader demographic and interest data for stronger customer relationships, and more detailed content insights enabled by a new, more granular taxonomy system.

“We are seeing value faster than we ever expected,” said Michael RiberoChief Subscriptions Officer at The Washington Post. “ActionIQ helped us get up to speed efficiently and effectively to drive outcomes critical to our business.”

Key success metrics from customer journeys launched in early 2023 include:

Lead Nurture Journey (Email)

–  25x increase in conversions compared to all of 2022 before-state campaigns
–  12% increase in visitor return in the first 30 days
–  5% lift in consumers that return in the first 30 days 
–  5% lift in consumers that return in 7 days

Terminated Subscriber Journey

–  1.5x increase in new conversions compared to the old subscriber journey
–  38% increase in resubscribe rate compared to the benchmark

Paid Media

–  131% increase in newly acquired customers when using ActionIQ for paid media targeting, generating a more profitable customer acquisition and increased paid media investment by 322%

“We are now able to unlock personalization capabilities at the subscriber level, executing multiple email messages to not only educate and engage consumers in their first few weeks but also inspire them to act and build habits over time,” said Anjali IyerHead of Lifecycle Marketing at The Washington Post.

Two years into the partnership, ActionIQ’s CDP is accessible to 200 users across The Washington Post’s business and technical teams via personalized dashboards to track the signals that matter to them daily.

“With ActionIQ’s CDP, it’s like The Washington Post has moved from using hand tools to power tools,” said Jason LangsnerProduct Management Lead at The Washington Post. “Previously, the data analyst that was manually stitching together data from three different sources was waiting four hours for a large query to run, and now it’s minutes. You don’t even need to go to that data analyst now, that data is in the CDP.”

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