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ActionIQ Named to Constellation ShortList™ for CDPs

AIQ is one of top 10 CDP companies for second year in a row

ActionIQ, the leader in customer experience (CX) solutions, today announced that it was named to the Constellation ShortList for CDPs in Q3 2022, the second year in a row that AIQ has been recognized among the leading CDP solutions. The technology vendors included in this program deliver critical transformation initiative requirements for early adopters and fast-follower organizations.

As enterprise brands navigate an unpredictable economy, CX that supports customer retention, brand loyalty and higher customer lifetime value is becoming more business-critical. ActionIQ helps enterprises pull together fragmented customer insights and put impactful CX in motion with an extensible AIQ CX Hub powered by a CDP.  The AIQ CX Hub breaks down organizational silos, eliminates inefficient processes and empowers every team member to exceed customer expectations.

“We are very excited to be included as one of the Top 10 CDP solutions yet again,” said Leah Pope, CMO at ActionIQ. “The sustained fast growth of ActionIQ, our stellar customer retention and a string of industry awards and accolades are all testament to the strength of the AIQ CX Hub. It’s the only solution that can combine the full historical customer profile with real-time events – leveraging both known and anonymous customer and account data – to orchestrate the next best experience or customer journey.”

The AIQ CX Hub comprises four modular solutions — Customer Data Platform (CDP), Audience Center, Journey Management and Real-Time CX — designed to help brands give business teams the freedom to explore and action on customer data, while helping technical teams extend and enhance existing technology investments to manage data governance, costs and performance. The CX Hub flexibly integrates with any data source or channel, and gives organizations the freedom to purchase a CDP from AIQ or use their own in-house solution.

The top 10 CDP solutions were picked out of more than 50 solutions evaluated, and the leaders were selected based on 15+ criteria. This Constellation ShortList for CDPs is determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

“Once believed to be a marketing tool for marketing teams, the real value of a CDP is unlocked when the solution is deployed as a critical underpinning to an enterprise-wide customer experience (CX) strategy that demands an enterprise-wide understanding of the customer,” states the Constellation report.

“Organizations must reconsider how they balance business models, work/life priorities, and new market conditions during the uncertain climate of the Great Refactoring,” said R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder at Constellation Research. “Constellation’s ShortLists reflect the top vendors that matter most to our network of buy-side clients. We publish ShortLists to expedite the decision-making process for leaders making critical vendor selections, so they can find the right partners to enable their business success.”

Constellation Research advises leaders on leveraging disruptive technologies to achieve business model transformation and streamline business processes. Products and services named to the Constellation ShortList meet the threshold criteria for this category as determined through client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research. The portfolio is updated at least once per year as the analyst team deems necessary based on market conditions.

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