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ActiveCampaign Introduces Content Generation Powered by AI

The marketing automation provider invests in generative AI, helping customers improve engagement, conversion rates, and the overall customer experience

ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM, is investing in AI by launching tools that generate content for marketing messaging and sales outreach, while empowering businesses to create and iterate on the best marketing strategies. The beta release of ActiveCampaign AI is available now in its email designer and will provide customers with in-context content generation while building out their emails. Once a prompt is received, AI will generate three options to choose from, and the user can further refine with specific feedback until they get the version that best suits their needs.

For marketers who want to spend less time crafting the perfect email or ecommerce managers who need to quickly create product descriptions or offers that effectively boost their brand’s sales, ActiveCampaign’s new AI can help immediately.

In the coming months, ActiveCampaign AI will be able to generate content in 1:1 emails, SMS, landing pages, and forms. ActiveCampaign’s support for multiple channels will enable businesses to maintain a consistent brand image and ensure their content is well received by customers on each channel. Later this year, ActiveCampaign customers will be able to generate a full campaign based on one provided prompt.

ActiveCampaign AI (beta) is available to all customers on all plans via an early access waitlist.

Experts Comment on ActiveCampaign’s Investment in AI

“We are always thinking about features that will make our customers more successful, saving them time and improving the experience for their customers,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “We have been extremely intentional in this generative AI investment because we wanted the rollout to address what our customers need and how we can help solve their unique problems. We are excited for businesses to start using our AI, get their feedback, and continue to iterate.”

“This AI investment is unique, yet not surprising from a brand like ActiveCampaign,” said Brooke Farbstein, Strategic Partner Manager at Aircall. “Every product innovation we have seen from their team was launched with the customer in mind to address a problem that had yet to be solved.”

“The fact that ActiveCampaign is investing in AI in a helpful and strategic way speaks volumes when it comes to the company’s product innovations and its commitment to customers,” said Margaret Rice, founder of Your Therapy Source. “We are so excited about the possibilities this will bring our business, not only on the content generation front but the iteration and testing that will allow us to send better campaigns and reach more potential customers.”

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