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ActiveCampaign Launches a Digital Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Education Series

After completing 185 in-person training sessions in 74 cities across 16 countries, ActiveCampaign is expanding its Study Halls to a digital format that will teach companies how to drive business growth through better customer experiences
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ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), today announces the launch of a digital version of their popular in-person CXA Study Hall series. The in-person series, which launched in 2018, has been attended by over 5000 businesses in 74 cities across 16 countries, and achieved an average satisfaction score of 90% from attendees.

Since the program began, the most frequent request from participants, as well as customers not located near a Study Hall location, has been a digital version of the program. The digital expansion of the program will ensure all 95,000 customers across 161 countries have access to low-cost, high-value training to help grow their businesses martech news.

The Digital CXA Study Hall content is delivered in three instructor-led, interactive sessions at multiple dates and time zones to best accommodate attendees. The series covers a broad range of topics to accelerate business growth and customer satisfaction, including:

  • Session 1 (one hour): Creating Customer Success: How to Create a Customer Experience Map
  • Session 2 (three hours): Growing Your Business: How to Nurture, Educate & Convert Happy Customers
  • Session 3 (one hour): Get to Know Your Customer: Cultivating Sales & Advocacy

Unlike many training programs that present in-person content over a webinar, this series was specifically created to maximize the value of the digital format. Courses are interactive, with personalized instructor feedback throughout, as well as discussions, polls, and chats that complement the hands-on learning. Included in each session are downloadable automation recipes allowing attendees to seamlessly implement automations learned during training. Each course is adapted to the needs of the cohort, so attendees leave the course with a personalized plan for addressing their specific business challenges and the skills to execute on their plans immediately.

“While we saw companies replicating their in-person events with hard-to-digest online videos, we wanted to create an experience that would empower businesses to ignite growth and improve their relationships with their customers,” shares Maria Pergolino, CMO at ActiveCampaign. “We knew we needed something different, and brought our entire education team together to create something transformative.”

Customer feedback about the digital series has been positive:

  • “I have been a happy ActiveCampaign user for over two years, but after attending the Digital Study Hall, I have tons of new ideas on how to improve my services and experiences,” said Ryan Donner, owner of Ryan Donner & Associates.
  • “This has been one of the greatest training facilitations for sure. It’s hard to make all happy with the approach, but the facilitators have been top-notch!” said Tosca DiMatteo, owner of TOSCA Coaching and Consulting.

The Study Hall program is part of ActiveCampaign’s Customer Success Commitment, which focuses on guaranteeing excellence in value, service and trust for all customers. In keeping with this commitment, ActiveCampaign’s Digital CXA Study Hall is priced at $149 for all three instructor-led sessions, but is currently available at an introductory price of $49.

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