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Acxiom® Continues to Expand Global Data Offerings and Digital Capabilities

Strengthens industry-leading global data capabilities in global markets
Acxiom® Continues to Expand Global Data Offerings and Digital Capabilities

Acxiom®, the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers, today announced that it has expanded its digital and global data capabilities to Japan, Australia, Spain and Canada. Acxiom is building on its position as the industry leader in global data, with ethically sourced data offerings for 2.5 billion addressable customers across the globe. As a trusted partner for brands worldwide, Acxiom will continue to focus on expanding its global and digital data capabilities to enable clients to know more about their existing customers, find look-alike customers, and enable them to reach and engage audiences anywhere with relevant messages across channels and throughout the customer journey, resulting in a better experience for consumers.

Today’s marketers need to connect with audiences across the globe through a growing number of offline and digital touchpoints, while also navigating the data use and consumer privacy regulations that vary by region. Acxiom’s suite of global data products enhances what marketers already know about their target audiences with insights derived from ethically sourced data. Acxiom’s data products also help leading publishers, giving them a better understanding of their end-user and enhancing their analytics capabilities. The expansion of Acxiom’s global data products in Japan, Australia, Spain and Canada benefits multi-national companies who have audiences in those regions and are looking to create successful borderless marketing campaigns, in addition to providing support to marketers on-the-ground in those regions.

“As brands, ad platforms, and publishers continue to expand their services worldwide, Acxiom’s global data and digital marketing capabilities enable marketers to anticipate their customers’ specific needs by proactively developing their next priority audiences,” said Karen Caulfield, Group Vice President of Global Data Products at Acxiom. “Acxiom is the only industry partner in the market that’s able to address companies’ offline and digital needs and take their unique customers on a global journey across the omnichannel ecosystem. Data fuels exceptional customer experiences, no matter where you are in the world, and today marks another step forward in our vision of borderless marketing.”

Acxiom’s suite of global data offerings can be viewed through Acxiom’s Global Data Navigator catalog tool, which allows users to easily locate data elements by geography, category and service while also outlining which Acxiom identity and activation services are available in the marketer’s selected geographies. Acxiom’s global audiences are available on leading platforms, making it easy for marketers across the world to access and activate Acxiom’s rich set of data and digital segments.

Adhering to Acxiom’s global data ethics program, Acxiom’s data complies with ethical data use methodologies and data governance across each participating country. Acxiom maintains global privacy teams for every region to strictly maintain data protection rules, cross-border requirements and appropriate uses of data.

“Our top priority is to ensure that all of the data leveraged is both ethically sourced and privacy-compliant,” added Caulfield. “Our Global Data Ethics Program is dedicated to upholding the rights of consumer privacy and data transparency along with abiding with data governance regulations. As we’ve done in the past and will continue to implement with all our supporting services, we’ve taken the necessary steps and processes to safeguard data across each new international market offering.”

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