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Acxiom & SOLVE(D) revamp HCP Engage solution for Pharma marketers


Acxiom, the customer intelligence company, is working with SOLVE(D), IPG Health’s data, analytics and media company, to launch a refreshed HCP Engage solution for healthcare practitioners (HCPs). The solution combines Acxiom’s Customer Intelligence Cloud™ capabilities with SOLVE(D)’s specialist omni-channel activation and customer engagement services.

The pharmaceutical industry transformed its marketing strategies in the wake of the pandemic, but is now seeing HCPs return to a face-to-face field sales model. Marketers must be able to capture and engage at all contact moments (physical and digital), and be informed by all data points available to them to create deeper, more informed connections with their HCP audience, with the ultimate goal of increased engagement with their proposition.

The trackability of digital content is a growing challenge for HCPs and the industry alike. This is due to a cumulative effect of content overload and lack of channel optimisation and channel data silos. HCPs have moved beyond just needing personalised and appropriate content and are now looking for independent, bite-sized and interactive learning opportunities. Importantly, HCPs want credible sources of data and information that supports their learning objectives.

With this in mind, to effectively engage HCPs, pharmaceutical marketers must focus on creating unique content that is easy to find, and shift their marketing strategies to consider all channels and touchpoints to enable personalised journeys for educational discovery. HCP Engage offers a solution to this challenge by unifying data from traditionally disparate sources to create a connected data ecosystem, providing marketers an easy way of making data-informed decisions to deliver engaging, personalised moments.

Acxiom collects, curates, and connects HCP data from multiple disparate systems and channels to build data-rich HCP profiles based on engagement history, demographics, and interaction with content. This is built directly into a brand’s existing MarTech ecosystem or deployed as brand new capability by MarTech platform experts from Acxiom to give the Pharma marketer a 360  view of their HCP audience. Then, using this 360 view SOLVE(D) is able to engage with the audiences via a multitude of media platforms and channels.

Jason Skelton, Head of EU Partnerships & Solutions, Acxiom said, “HCP Engage is about empowering pharma marketers – ensuring they are provided with a connected MarTech ecosystem to help them to deliver the tailored experiences everyone expects today. Since launching the solution in December 2022, our pharma clients have seen numerous benefits including reduction in operating costs and uplifts in engagement from their HCP audience. Acxiom is proud to be partnering with SOLVE (D) to create a solution that empowers the Pharma marketer to deliver meaningful, empathetic and relevant HCP experiences.”

Michael Le Brocq, Managing Director, SOLV(ED) Europe said, “Combining Acxiom expertise and the potential of HCP Engage, SOLVE(D) can now realise the vision of omnichannel engagement. This is through using data at the individual level across channels to attach more human meaning to every interaction with personalisation, finally delivering a healthcare customer experience that’s both welcomed as being meaningful and valued by HCPs.”

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