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AdDaptive Intelligence Releases Site Analytics

AdDaptive's Customers Now Have Access to the Industry's Most Comprehensive B2B Analytics Suite
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Today AdDaptive Intelligence, the leading provider of B2B advertising and analytics, has released an expansion to their robust analytics offering called Site Analytics, adding value to its comprehensive B2B reporting suite. As the industry’s first website activity report that can be tied directly to ad campaigns, Site Analytics provides insight into which companies targeted through ads are also engaging on a brand’s website, providing the deepest level of B2B audience learnings available in the market.

A major challenge in the B2B advertising industry lies in analytics reports that are both accurate and actionable. AdDaptive has bridged that gap over the past decade by releasing progressively refined reporting abilities that provide a tangible and valuable way for advertisers to connect spend with downstream sales and marketing efforts. With this latest installment, AdDaptive’s Site Analytics informs advertisers about their key accounts, illustrating engagement by account in association with a brand’s ABM efforts in a way that helps advertisers identify prospective companies’ interest through lift. As such, advertisers can clearly evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns as evidenced by key accounts engaging with the content on their website after being shown ads. This, in turn, fuels funnel movement, as advertisers will use these insights to better engage and motivate their target audience.

“Site Analytics builds upon our focus on B2B analytics by adding insight into on-site activity as it pertains to ad campaigns,” said Kevin O’Malley, CEO and co-founder. “Instead of an advertiser having to look in multiple places to get an idea of cross-channel attribution, AdDaptive’s team will be providing Site Analytics reports in addition to Campaign Analytics updates, which will give a well-rounded view of an audience’s engagement with their brand.”

According to O’Malley, the best part is what happens next: “Site Analytics is actionable in that an advertiser can then decide whether to target engaged accounts with more specific messaging in a future ad campaign or to equip their sales team with an opportunity for customized outreach.” In other words, Site Analytics doesn’t just show the difference an ad campaign makes in terms of site traffic – it arms advertisers with valuable knowledge about their key accounts. The advertiser can then strategize with AdDaptive’s team on how to leverage this information for success, whether it be through subsequent ad campaigns, tailored sales communication, new media type combinations to deliver ads, or new content to keep accounts engaged.

Site Analytics is now part of AdDaptive’s standard reporting suite offered to customers: Under the Account Insight Reporting (AIR) umbrella, customers now receive Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics reports. Using the Site Analytics report in conjunction with AdDaptive’s Campaign Analytics allows advertisers to learn more about their key accounts, understand how their content is resonating, and optimize how they reach their target audience. The two reports complement each other by showing data on the delivery and performance of an ad campaign (in the Campaign Analytics report) then illustrating key accounts’ engagement with content on-site (in the Site Analytics report), thus providing a holistic view of companies’ key accounts that will allow maximum strategic optimization toward KPIs.

AdDaptive Intelligence makes business data actionable through account-based advertising, insightful B2B reporting, and mapping offline data to unique online identifiers. “As we listen to our customers and scour the market, we aim to continue to add value through new innovations,” said Patrick Shea, CEO and co-founder. “Site Analytics fills gaps for advertisers and completes a key account’s story by mapping ad exposure to web content engagement, fueling advertisers with the information they need to reach their audience in continually more refined ways.”

AdDaptive’s ability to accurately reach their customers’ intended audience through precise B2B targeting and to report back at the company level without relying on cookies plays a key role in solidifying AdDaptive as the leading provider of smarter B2B advertising. By leveraging AdDaptive’s expert strategy, tailored data, accurate targeting, and valuable analytics, companies can amplify their advertising efforts to exceed their desired B2B marketing goals.

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