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Adjust Launches Pioneering Automation Technology

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Adjust Launches Pioneering Automation Technology To Fundamentally Simplify Mobile Advertising Processes And Foster Creativity

Adjust, the industry leader in mobile measurement, fraud prevention, and cybersecurity, today announced the launch of its pioneering new product, Control Center, which will be part of the Adjust Automate suite. With its release, Adjust aims to dramatically simplify the process of mobile advertising management for Present day’s marketers martech news.

Mobile has become the new undisputed king of digital, and eMarketer predicts marketers are poised to invest a record-breaking $286 billion in mobile ad spend in 2020. But as the industry grows, the process behind ad management has become more complex.

According to new research by Adjust:

  • 81% of marketers surveyed said their company was planning to increase its marketing or advertising automation budget in 2020.
  • Marketers handle an average of 19 advertising campaigns across approximately 14 different networks, highlighting the scale and complexity behind current marketing campaigns.
  • When asked about their three biggest pain points in their roles, marketers listed merging and acting on disparate sources of data, individually updating bids and budgets, and accurate campaign management.

Paul H. Müller, co-founder and CTO at Adjust said that “Mobile is one of the most sophisticated and technical channels in marketing today, but it relies on a huge amount of manual work. As per our research, marketers would have to adjust over 250 distinct bids and spend limits, every day. That means even a moderate number of campaigns can turn into complex to keep updated.”

Adjust’s Control Center was built to simplify these processes. Designed as a cross-app, cross-partner and cross-network dashboard, marketers will be able to view data across all their apps and campaigns and act on it. The product is part of the company’s third product suite, Adjust Automate. It follows Measure, which concentrates on attribution and analytics, and Protect, which encapsulates its fraud prevention and cybersecurity solutions martech. These three product suites make marketing smarter, simpler, and more secure for the 32,000 applications working with Adjust.

Paul Müller continued that “With Control Center, marketers can offload manual, routine tasks, leaving them free to focus on being creative and pushing the boundaries of what marketing can achieve. The product also has the potential to be an equalizer in mobile marketing, massively increasing the number of campaigns one person can manage, and allowing smaller teams to compete with larger marketing departments. With it, the battle will gradually shift from out-spending to out-thinking competition.”

Control Center will be available as a separate package for clients and integrated into their existing dashboard, along with an Enterprise version that is fully customizable for the most sophisticated of advertisers.

The launch follows a strong period of development to Adjust. In the year 2019, the company announced multiple acquisitions, hiring of top talent, and one of the biggest rounds of funding of the year in Europe. In 2020, Adjust will be concentrating on consolidating its existing product to become the definitive growth engine for the mobile marketing ecosystem.


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