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ADLINE – Launches AI-Based Digital Marketing Platform

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Oslo based SaaS company ADLINE is a marketing platform that promises to streamline digital marketing and advertising and eliminates the exhausting task of monitoring several channels separately for a thorough analysis and overview of effective marketing.  Supported by 5 million NOK in recent investments this one stop shop tool is now set to take the markets by storm in the Nordics and internationally

Adline will fit in with everyday marketers or business owners, marketing teams or agencies looking for a simple system for all their digital marketing – from analysis to traffic and conversion. All designed to help brands get targeted visibility and brand awareness. Adline’s mission is to simplify digital marketing and make it easy and accessible to everyone martech news.

Budgets are precious in today’s marketing and advertising world and relevant allocation, efficiency and conversion is crucial to stay ahead of the game.

The ADLINE platform is an all-in-one, easy-to-use marketing tool powered by a virtual AI assistant Elena to guide you and advise on best practice for effective marketing. With a clear pricing instruction depending on numbers of visitors and scaling from starter to Pro model, there is an option to suit all SMB sized businesses.

With a simplistic dashboard telling the whole customer journey and profiling the audience you can closely monitor the behaviour of your audience, cost per acquisition on your advertising and where you need to step in for more conversions. 1000+ media sites and 4 advertising channels all under one roof, simplifying the whole process and allowing for adjustments to be made whereas necessary. Simple, accessible, efficient, transparent and cost effective – this is Adline.

Carl Wilhelm Vedvik, newly appointed CEO of Adline explains the story behind Adline: We are going through changing times and we at Adline believe that 80% of the before laborious manual digital tasks can now be automated by algorithms. Our mission at Adline is to simplify and make digital marketing easier and more effective. With a team of Digital Challengers, we unify the most important channels and technologies into a single platform. We want to position Adline as the «first in-last out» dashboard in the day to day life of everyday marketers – whether you’re just getting started with marketing, or you’re a specialist who just wants to work faster and better.

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