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Adoption of Oracle Autonomous Database Soars Worldwide

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AGEA, AsiaPay, Kingold, OUTFRONT Media, SKY Brasil are among customers relying on Autonomous Database to deliver mission critical availability, performance, and security

ORACLE OPENWORLD – Oracle today announced that Oracle Autonomous Database is experiencing exceptional customer and partner momentum within its first year of availability., AGEA, Arlington Orthopedics, AsiaPay, Beker/Socialand, CERN, Data Intensity, Drop Tank, Henry Ford Health System, Impulse Logic, Intive, I.Z.S.M. Portici, JASCI Software, Kingold, MESTEC Limited, Net Insight, OUTFRONT Media, Patterson Advertising Reports, SKY Brasil, TaylorMade Golf, Telecom Fiji and Viscosity are among the many organizations using the world’s first self-driving database to move mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Additionally, Oracle continues to expand its Autonomous Database with new capabilities announced today.

Oracle Autonomous Database builds on 40 years of experience supporting the world’s most demanding applications. The first-of-its-kind, Oracle Autonomous Database uses groundbreaking machine learning to enable self-driving, self-repairing, and self-securing capabilities with cloud economies of scale and elasticity. The complete automation of database and infrastructure operations, like patching, tuning and upgrading, cuts administrative costs, and allows database administrators to focus on getting more value from data and building new innovations.

With Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle’s world-famous database technology is now easily usable by customers of any size. Many of the customers that have deployed Oracle Autonomous Database would not have considered using Oracle database technology in the past.

“Customers are delighted with the agility, ease of use, and performance they get with the Autonomous Database. It enables them to instantly create and effortlessly use databases that require no manual tuning,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, executive vice president, database server technologies, Oracle. “It’s also extremely easy for customers to adopt because it uses the same proven Oracle Database as on-premises, with the same functionality and interfaces they’ve used for years.”

Autonomous Database Revolutionizes Data Management
Global institutions across financial services, consumer goods, automotive, retail, healthcare, science, media, manufacturing, telecommunications and logistics management are relying on Oracle Autonomous Database to automate critical management and security processes to better safeguard their systems and free up IT resources for more strategic work.

MESTEC Limited, a UK-based company, is providing intelligent SaaS solutions to optimize the manufacturing lifecycle for some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of submarines, missiles, micro semiconductors and orthopedic hips. MESTEC is using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing in combination with Microsoft Azure, cutting labor and infrastructure costs in half.

“MESTEC’s leading smart factory solution is powered by high performance cloud infrastructure and database systems,” said Mark Carleton, director at MESTEC Limited. “We put Azure and Oracle Cloud to the test by implementing our application tier in Azure connected to Oracle Autonomous Database, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and the results have been extremely positive. Initial tests are projecting a 90 percent decrease in database management overhead, and 50 percent increase in performance. By connecting Oracle and Azure, we’re able to rapidly introduce innovative technologies into our solution, ultimately resulting in a better, smarter solution for our customers enabling them to make dramatic improvements in manufacturing performance. And we’re seeing some workloads running 600 percent faster on Autonomous than on our legacy environment with half the CPUs.”

JASCI Software, a next generation SaaS platform for modern logistics, is revolutionizing the logistics industry to keep up with consumer and e-commerce expectations. The US-based company is harnessing the power of Oracle Autonomous Database to enable some of the biggest names in retailing to move goods at lightning speeds.

“With Oracle Autonomous Database, we are creating a new status quo for our industry so our customers can deliver their goods faster and successfully compete in the age of next-day shipping,” said JASCI Software CEO, Craig Wilensky. “Since adopting Oracle Autonomous Database, JASCI Software’s SaaS software runs up to 100X faster than our previous cloud solution with complex AI transactions completed in milliseconds. With Oracle’s technical team managing, tuning and upgrading databases, we are able to just focus on providing supply chain expertise to our customers.”

For China-based luxury real estate developer Kingold, the ability to compete effectively requires a strong capability to capture and analyze data, and extract insights that can be used to design and deliver new services to tenants. With Autonomous Data Warehouse, Kingold has shortened the time to reach insights, delivering more value to its customers faster.

“If you just put everything in the cloud, you’re just a glorified CIO of yesterday, you’ve done an okay job,” said Steven Chang, CIO, Kingold. “But when you make the data work for you, and empower the people around you, that’s when you become a digital CIO. Real transformation can’t start until you start working the data to make changes.”

SKY Brasil is providing Pay TV satellite service to five million customers throughout Brazil. SKY is pairing the performance capability, computing speed and simplicity of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Autonomous Data Warehouse, and the results have improved both SKY’s processes and their bottom line. Oracle’s solutions enabled SKY’s IT resources to dedicate more time to strategic data modeling and also resulted in a 90 percent reduction in time to market for SKY’s SAS application.

“In addition to the high performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the adoption of Oracle Autonomous Database has streamlined processes and enabled us to reach our customers with the right offering,” said Alberto Camardelli, CIO, SKY Brasil. “SKY expects to use the solution even more and bring all of its infrastructure to the cloud.”

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