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AdsPostX announces rebrand to MomentScience

MomentScience Represents The Expansion Beyond Post Transaction With New Platform Solutions, Monetizing Key Moments and Loyalty Enrichment.

AdsPostX, a Seattle-based technology company, announced today that it is changing its company name to MomentScience. The rebrand reflects the company’s expansion beyond post-transaction offerings into the Loyalty, Perks and Offer Delivery space, focused on maximizing key moments throughout the entire customer journey.

“We launched our business focusing on post check out advertising with a platform that could supply personalized offers on confirmation pages,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Jon Nolz. “Over the last 12 months, we have listened to our clients who, in addition to delivering non-endemic offers, also want us to surface first-party offers. As we continue to expand our Perks and Loyalty capabilities, it is important to have our brand more fully reflect our expanded value proposition of engagement at key moments throughout the customer journey.”

MomentScience enables transactional sites to present offers, perks and rewards in and around conversion moments, and in apps and email. As a result, MomentScience clients are able to boost product adoption, lift customer loyalty and drive gross margin through increased Lifetime Value, all without disrupting the user experience. MomentScience leverages the science of first party data for advanced offer decisioning to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Through accessing one platform, MomentScience customers enjoy on-demand, handcrafted merchandising and real-time optimization without operational drag on Development teams. “The melding of intelligent offer decisioning and native creative experiences fuel user journeys and drive product adoption,” says CPO, Roj Niyogi. “We empower the marketing and product specialists with a turnkey solution they can easily implement and manage, without the need for on-going support from developers.”

As MomentScience, we will serve clients across a broad variety of B2C and B2B categories. “We are a valuable solution and have seen success with companies in the retail, telecom and finance spaces, to name a few,” says Nolz. “Many clients want to rapidly add and update offers in transaction flows and app experiences and MomentScience powers these extremely well.”

And rebranding comes at a time of exponential company growth with the number of moments served up 28x and revenue up 19x YOY in Q1.

The company will operate under MomentScience effective immediately. For more information, visit: www.momentscience.com

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