Adtech Leader Adweek Awards to Present With Minted NFTs

First industry awards show to present winners with non-fungible tokens in place of plaques or trophies
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Today, Adweek announced that it plans to present NFTs in the form of animated 3D digital artworks to honorees of its Creator Visionary Awards. The ceremony will take place in May 2021 during Social Media Week New York.

As described in Mark Stenberg’s recent article in Adweek, “An NFT is a record that shows who owns a unique piece of digital content, similar to the way a vehicle title shows who owns a particular car. In theory, any piece of digital content can be minted into an NFT, from songs, photographs, and works of digital art to tweets, memes, published articles and podcasts.” Now, for the first time, NFTs will be presented as industry awards.

Each NFT will be created in the image of its recipient, unique to the individual. When someone “mints” an NFT, they create a file that lives on the blockchain, which means it cannot be copied, edited, deleted, or otherwise manipulated.

“NFTs have gained huge popularity in recent weeks thanks to the normalization of cryptocurrency and advances in blockchain technology,” said Adweek CEO Jeff Litvack. “And creators have started to generate significant income from the sale of crypto art as NFTs. In celebration of those visionaries who are always pushing the limits of what’s possible, we’re breaking new ground by embracing the latest technology.”

Chief Innovation Officer Toby Daniels added, “It seemed obvious to us that, if we are going to honor the most creatively exciting people on the planet, then we should do so in the most fitting way we can imagine. And, given the recent $69.3 million sales of a Beeple NFT by Christie’s auction house, as well as Jack Dorsey’s multimillion-dollar sale of his first tweet, these inaugural awards could be worth millions in the near future.”

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