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Adtech Startup AdEx ready for third party cookie-less world

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After over 300 successful campaigns in private Beta with more than 100 advertisers and publishers, AdEx believes that advertising can be done without storing any user data

Adtech startup AdEx Network announced that it has opened its advertising platform for everyone after successful feedback from six months of beta testing with selected publishers and advertising professionals.

AdEx was the first startup to release an open-source protocol for decentralized advertising in the year 2018 and the first ad network storing information about ad delivery on the Ethereum blockchain.

These innovations aren’t random. The founders of AdEx realized that the ad tech industry fails to offer truly transparent, fraud-proof and privacy-preserving ad networks, so every aspect of the design of the platform has been tailored with these three goals in mind martech.

Storing information about ad impressions on an immutable public ledger is meant to reduce ad fraud. Both advertisers and publishers receive the same data and transact directly on the platform without the intermediaries in the traditional adtech framework, eliminating the chance of false reporting and added fees.

Website visitors are protected by AdEx as well. Unlike traditional ad networks, AdEx doesn’t collect any information from users, eradicating the risk of data leakages and personal data misuse. The system still matches the visitors with relevant ads by their preferences and the context of the publishers they are visiting, but the anonymized information about these preferences is stored in users’ local storage.

AdEx invites advertisers and publishers to register on the network and join others that already benefit from transparency, efficiency and reduced costs.


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