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AdTheorent Wins “Best Mobile Marketing Platform”

Digiday's Prestigious Awards Program Recognizes the Technology Modernizing Media and Marketing Around the World

AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADTH) (“AdTheorent” or “the Company”), a programmatic digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning technology and privacy-forward solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers and marketers, today announced it has been selected as the winner of the “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” in the 2022 Digiday Technology Awards, awarding the technology platform that provides the best cross-device solutions for mobile marketing.

AdTheorent is a digital media platform with transformational privacy-forward methods to execute high-performing programmatic digital advertising campaigns, serving both brand and agency customers. Rather than focusing on targeting user IDs, AdTheorent’s Platform A\T uses advanced data science and machine learning to score ad impressions based on the statistical likelihood that serving ads on such impressions will yield desired campaign business goals.  AdTheorent builds custom machine learning models for each campaign goal – whether online actions such as sales or physical world actions such as store visitation – and deploys them to the platform for automated execution and optimization. Available to advertisers in a full-service managed capacity or as a Direct Access “self-service” offering, AdTheorent’s platform operates on a massive scale with platform models evaluating millions of impressions per second based on 900+ data attributes, identifying data correlations among conversions and optimizing targeting based on each impression’s predictive score. AdTheorent evaluates over one million impressions each second to predict which of the billions of available digital ad impressions will yield future consumer conversion actions.

AdTheorent Predictive Advertising is not reliant upon third party data licenses, cookies, device IDs or unified or individualized IDs. AdTheorent’s privacy-forward approach to digital advertising and its ability to drive advanced business outcomes for advertisers sets the company apart from others in the industry.

“AdTheorent brings a foundationally different approach to programmatic advertising which drives superior results for advertisers in a privacy-forward and efficient manner,” said Jim Lawson, CEO of AdTheorent. “We believe programmatic ad tech is overdue for a more modern and data-driven method to target ads effectively, and that is the value-added disruption we bring.  We are honored to win the Digiday Technology Award for ‘Best Mobile Marketing Platform’ and thank the judges for this recognition.”

The 2022 Digiday Technology Awards recognize companies that are exploring new technologies and adapting to meet the needs of the digital media industry. Digiday’s panel of industry-leading judges evaluated hundreds of entries to identify the companies or campaigns that clearly demonstrate success based on the following criteria: Innovation, Creativity, Consumer Value, Results and Overall. Digiday’s awards programs are some of the most influential in the industry.

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