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Advarra Announces Site IQ™ to Optimize Clinical Trial Feasibility

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Site IQ™ is a new platform that leverages Advarra’s proprietary data resources and deep domain expertise to provide unique insights on clinical research site experience, capacity, quality, performance, and patient eligibility

Advarra, the market leader in regulatory review solutions, research quality and compliance consulting services and clinical research technology solutions, announced today the launch of Site IQ™ to enable faster study startup. The platform builds on Advarra’s deep experience as the market leading IRB and leading provider of practice management solutions for clinical research, serving all of the top US research institutions, including the most renowned NCI-designated cancer centers, to deliver a unique, integrated set of site and principal investigator (PI) insights to enable smarter site selection. The Site IQ™ platform provides customized data analysis to help sponsors and CROs make informed decisions in their investigative site selection and feasibility processes.

As the research community continues to explore the potential of personalized therapies, investigator and participant recruitment becomes more challenging. Increasingly, specific inclusion and exclusion criteria make finding the right participants difficult, as is finding the right investigators with proven success engaging with these participant populations. These challenges can lead to delayed or failed study startup.

“In my experience as a big pharma sponsor, a mid-size sponsor, and a large CRO, having the ability to choose from a properly vetted selection of sites is critical,” said Lindsey Mathew, Director, Clinical Business Operations, at Ferring Pharmaceuticals. “The lack of transparency in site quality, mixed with personal relationships with investigators, can create bias in the selection process that every sponsor wants to avoid. Advarra’s service has proven time and time again to offer up a range of investigators that even adds to our efforts to ensure a diverse patient population more representative of the patients we hope to serve in the future.”

Advarra Site IQ™ delivers insights to drive faster study startup by supporting protocol planning and site selection processes. Site IQ™ informs intelligent site selection by leveraging comprehensive data across experience, capacity, quality, performance, and patient eligibility. Data is derived from Advarra’s first-party data as well as third-party partner data. As such, Site IQ™ reflects insights based on actual study and performance data, not estimates or self-reported information.

“We are thrilled and honored to extend our longtime partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals to be an early adopter of Site IQ™,” said Jeff Sidell, Chief Technology Officer at Advarra. “Site IQ™ demonstrates our commitment to bridging the research ecosystem and connecting sponsors, sites and patients through improved workflows and advanced technology solutions. With this holistic approach, we are addressing a key industry challenge through a data-driven solution.”

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