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Advertise Purple Launches Self-Serve Affiliate Marketing Tool

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Advertise Purple, the nation’s leader in data-driven affiliate management solutions, today announced the release of its automated affiliate program management tool, Purply. Powered by Advertise Purple’s proprietary technology and real-time, data-driven insights, the new affiliate discovery, recruitment and tracking offering is designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses and those new to affiliate marketing.

“Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective performance-focused strategies an online business can engage in,” said Kyle Mitnick, President of Advertise Purple. “Dollar for dollar, affiliate marketing is the most profitable revenue channel for e-commerce companies. But the fact is that navigating the affiliate market is not easy. There are over 1.2 million affiliates active today and counting, the vast majority of which don’t drive meaningful revenue. We created Purply to enable any sized company to create and execute an effective data-driven affiliate strategy.”

As online business continues to grow, especially during this time of Covid-19, as well as year over year during the holiday season, small and midsize companies are increasingly entering the digital fray. These businesses are in direct competition with much larger, established players, such as Amazon and Walmart. For these businesses to stay viable and competitive, adopting an affiliate marketing strategy is crucial.

Purply is a self-serve affiliate marketing application that leverages over 10 million data points from over 87,000 affiliate partners across 23 business verticals, including accessories & jewelry, apparel, consumer electronics, health & beauty and home & living.

Purply aims to level the playing field and empower any e-commerce business owner to take control of their own affiliate marketing strategy with the insights needed to make data-driven decisions.

With Purply, business owners get access to:

  • Top-Earning Affiliate Identification – This function identifies the top-grossing affiliates that a business is not currently engaged with. As well as listing all known contact information, it also provides outreach templates to help start an engagement.
  • Commission Recommendation Reports – Up-to-date insights on what the average commission rates are for each affiliate vertical. Users can see if they are overpaying for a relationship and how they should adjust those rates to maximize success.
  • Month-Over-Month Success Reports – Marketing teams get a clear view of how each affiliate is performing, which ones are doing better than others, where there is a drop in return, and an overall vision of the success of the campaign with KPIs.
  • Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks – An entire library of materials on how to make an affiliate marketing campaign as successful as possible. For companies taking on this strategy for the first time, it enables decisions to be made with confidence.

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