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Aegir Insights delivers data-driven analytics and intelligence

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Offshore wind investment analytics firm Aegir Insights announces a collaboration with Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell), where Aegir Insights delivers data-driven analytics and intelligence to support Shell’s offshore wind market development.

“Leading offshore wind players recognize that having access to agile and advanced analytics solutions will provide them with a competitive edge in the fast-paced field of energy infrastructure investments,” says Scott Urquhart, CEO of Aegir Insights. “We are very happy to have such an ambitious, industry-leading partner at the outset of our business, and we look forward to sharing our forward-thinking, differentiated approaches to this rapidly evolving industry with Shell.”

The collaboration provides Shell with access to the Aegir Analytics solution and market intelligence datasets, enabling better informed decisions on offshore wind opportunities. Through the cooperation, Shell will also provide feedback on Aegir Insights’ product development roadmap.

The Aegir Analytics platform was created to be a central solution for offshore wind investor workflows, allowing advanced project and portfolio assessments and rapid evaluation of new opportunities. Aegir Insights is continuously developing its solutions, incorporating cutting edge data science and strategy concepts to maximise value for developers, investors and governments.

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