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Affiliate martech leader Pepperjam announces Open API integration partnership

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The leader in affiliate marketing technology and service, Pepperjam has announced the first of many fully integrated API partnerships with the leaders of all-in-one influencer discovery marketing solutions and platforms, that are highly anticipated. These white-label integrations will empower the marketers that leverage the AscendTM Affiliate platform of Pepperjam, to discover influencers swiftly and recruit them into affiliate marketing programs that are custom-curated, at scale. AscendTM Affiliate Cloud of Pepperjam fully integrates the automated solution in itself while immediately giving marketers direct access to an environment of more than a quarter of a million unique influencers.

This integration follows the martech news of the recent release of a new set of functionalities and capabilities for enhancing the market-leading partner discovery and activation solution of the platform by Pepperjam. This opened up further wider access to a supply of prospective partners that are diverse and represent different categories from traditional creators, content, and affiliate marketing publishers. The new enhancements to the platform are for delivering higher control and visibility of the entire recruitment workflow via search and filtering abilities driven by attributes, for identifying and activating right-fit partners.

Matt Gilbert, the CEO of Pepperjam stated that these integrations have led the company in making processes of discovering and recruiting high-quality and diverse influencers by the marketers for their affiliate programs. The product roadmap of the company, as well as its partnership strategy, are both tightly anchored into its commitment to assisting its marketers to diversify their affiliate program partnership composition as well as in improving their overall quality of customer acquisition. This will be the first time that marketers will be given access to a diverse and high-quality supply of influencers to recruit directly from their affiliate technology platform.

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