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Affinio Gives Enterprises Full Control Over Marketing Strategy

New model inserts Microsoft Azure Managed Applications into the enterprise marketing stack and allows enterprises to leverage Affinio AI technology within their own private cloud
Affinio Gives Enterprises Full Control Over Marketing Strategy with New Containerization Model

Marketing strategy platform Affinio announced today that its AI-driven marketing strategy platform can now be delivered via a containerization model. Containerization is similar to on-premises software, but instead of sending physical servers to run Affinio’s technology, the technology itself is packaged into a container and later deployed in a private cloud instance controlled entirely by the enterprise.

Affinio, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, developed its containerization model on Microsoft Azure. Available on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions, Affinio’s global enterprise customers can seamlessly deploy Affinio’s technology and apply it to sensitive consumer data within the security of its own private Azure environment. This deployment method allows enterprise IT teams to manage security and access control through Azure App Service while still reaping the benefits of Affinio’s marketing technology.

Affinio’s decision to containerize its platform is in direct response to privacy concerns felt by marketers and legal departments within enterprises and their desire to protect first-party PII data. Containerization allows marketers to reap the benefits of Affinio’s AI-segmentation and visualization technology without the need to directly share first-party data with Affinio, as is traditionally the case with a Software-as-a-Service model. Additionally, enterprises that deploy Affinio’s containerized solution benefit from the robust security built into Azure.

“Containerization is a compelling model and technology that’s been used by other departments and functions, such as IT and software development, so it’s market-tested. It’s particularly strategic for mar-tech, given the heightened awareness around privacy and sensitivity for PII. Rather than uploading enterprise-owned data to Affinio’s technology for processing, Affinio sends our AI technology to the enterprise to run on its private cloud instances,” explained Tim Burke, CEO of Affinio.

With the containerization model, Affinio serves as an “intelligence” layer on top of the enterprise data lake, thus providing AI at the fingertips of authorized users and enabling them to get the aggregated, consumer insights they need for their jobs, but without the risk of direct access to actual PII data. This adds a new layer of first-party data security for enterprises.

“Affinio’s containerized solution, utilizing Microsoft Azure’s Managed Application Service, is a unique way for global enterprises to reap the strategic benefits of Affinio’s technology without having to share sensitive data outside its private cloud instance,” says Jeanna Jorgensen, General Manager, Partner Experience + Microsoft For Startups, Microsoft Corp.

About Affinio
Affinio is a marketing strategy platform that leverages graph technology to understand today’s consumers. Behind Affinio is an advanced, award-winning technology that analyzes the connections between billions of data points that exist within any consumer data set. Affinio’s AI-based segmentation and visualization technology is putting the power of AI at the fingertips of marketers around the globe so they can rapidly discover unique consumer insights that power content and media activation strategies that win.

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