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Agentology expands its reach after rebranding to

conversation enablement platform

Agentology, a conversation enablement platform that revolutionized lead engagement for real estate, today announced the business’ rebrand to

To date, the company has worked with thousands of top real estate and mortgage professionals, teams, brokerages, companies, leading search portals, CRMs, and others. After powering many millions of conversations, they have made the decision to expand outside of the real estate and mortgage industries.

With the change, the company aims to bring its omnichannel prospect engagement and qualification services to insurance companies, financial services, SaaS businesses, higher education, all lending institutions, and beyond. helps businesses engage, qualify and nurture their prospects through authentic conversations, powered by real people and powerful tech.

“Our mission from Day 1 was to change the way businesses communicate with their prospects by helping them create more authentic connections,” says David Tal, CEO.

Lack of lead follow up and diminishing conversion rates is an epidemic that extends beyond the real estate industry. With its new positioning and ever-improving product, all businesses that generate a high volume of inbound leads can now utilize to empower their marketing and sales teams, improving their full-funnel conversion rates as a result. Furthermore, also strives to validate the efforts of marketing teams through the power of insights and customizable scripts. In short, seeks to bridge the gap between sales and marketing through conversational enablement.

“We believe technology + humans = superhumans,” says Tal. “People alone are inefficient. Technology alone is inauthentic. By blending the two, businesses can enable personalized, authentic connections at scale. This is why we started”

Inspired by empowering businesses to “converse” more effectively and authentically with their prospects, the new brand epitomizes conversation and conversion.  It evokes the same level of approachability, boldness, and innovation that the company has long been known for. These qualities have been central in their mission to improve both the success of businesses and the customer experience.

Please visit to see the new look and learn about harnessing the power of conversations to turn more cold leads into warm opportunities.

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