Aggua Launches Data Cost Management & Optimization tool

Aggua Force Ltd

Aggua Force Ltd., The collaborative data management platform, launches today a new business solution within the cloud management sector: Data Cost Management & Optimization tool.

These solutions take cloud management to the next level as it promises to save organizations money and keep them on top of their data pipeline.

This first-of-its-kind solution will allow teams to comprehend and take action on computing costs (at the job level) and storage expenses (at the table level) thanks to the unique ability to manage and report on granular data prices (column-level lineage).

Aggua’s Cost Management and Optimization solutions were developed to support modern cloud-based data tech-stack, with Snowflake (Cloud-based computing); BigQuery (Google serverless data warehouse); and Redshift (Amazon cloud data warehouse) at the core of the data architecture. These unique and sought after capabilities will help organizations save on data spend and give room to invest in other things that matter in the core of their business.

Aggua’s Cost Management and Optimization solutions offers the following benefits to businesses of all types:

  • It provides you with the ability to calculate the total warehouse credit per query in your own currency, meaning it can be used by companies across the globe.
  • Enables you to filter your cost by, data warehouse, database, cluster or scheme
  • Allows you to view a complete breakdown by the user, query, time, data type and reason for the cost.
  • Automatically connecting the cost of queries upstream or downstream from the data warehouse to its origin (e.g. ETL, BI, Dashboard, etc.) eliminated manual change analysis or investigation, such as identifying unused dashboards in your pipeline and cutting the cost spent on generating them, leveraging end-to-end lineage.
  • You can set it up so that it sends you immediate notifications and alerts when you exceed your cost limit or threshold.
  • The recommendation engine will analyze your cost across the entire lineage and suggest methods in which you can optimize your spending according to expert Aggua insights.

“We kept seeing the rising data management costs and wanted to work on something that would give the organization some breathing room. We understand that data management is an essential component for organizations but within this current economy, it’s easy to let go of this due to the amount of money businesses have to spend on world-class solutions, so this is why we spent months developing a solution that will not only meet business needs but also make economic sense”, says Ariel Utnik, Aggua CEO & Co-Founder.

Utnik continues, “This solution has been in the trial phases with our design partners for the past year and we saw an average of 30% reduction in our customers data spend. If that amount of cost savings, we are confident that it is ready to go to market and hit the ground running. Aggua developed the Cost Management solution from the ground up to support the needs of companies at heart and with a deep understanding of where data is headed in the near future. Many of our customers already believe that Cost Management truly is the future of Data Cloud Management because it offers businesses peace of mind.”

Liat Ashkenzai, Head of Data at Artlist stated that she finds the Aggua Cost Management solutions to be compelling in understanding the costs Artlist are spending on data. She added that it is a game changer because it gives her data team another perspective on the data processes that up until now they did not have visibility to as well as provides solutions to problems that need immediate attention.

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