AGPR Changing Focus to Executive Counsel, Crisis Coms

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ansas City’s AGPR, a public relations and marketing firm, is honing its service offerings to reflect client trends.

“After a decade of being a kind of a jack of all trades in the public relations and marketing arena, we are refining our areas of practice to increase efficiency and quality of service,” said Alex Greenwood, AGPR managing principal and founder. “We are approached most to provide executive counsel, public relations and social media strategy, crisis communications planning, and content creation. Those areas will be our primary focus going forward.”

“These primary services help businesses, organizations and solopreneurs market themselves more effectively, as well as prepare and position them for a crisis,” he said.

In addition to those current focus areas, AGPR previously provided media relations, brand management, and inbound marketing services. That hefty menu of services left the agency spread thin.

“We’re a small shop, with two on staff and about half a dozen more contracting partners,” Greenwood said. “Media relations is an extremely challenging enterprise, and we would rather subcontract that work out if it’s part of a larger contract, or refer it outright to another agency if that’s solely what a client is looking for.”

He added that inbound marketing, a methodology designed to “pull” potential customers in with quality content instead of relying on advertising, is still an optimal marketing tool, but he believes inbound campaigns are best managed by other firms, with AGPR providing strategic components.

Greenwood said that AGPR will continue to serve clients in the brand management field on a case-by-case basis. Executive counsel and crisis communication planning are the most important areas of continued expansion.

“Over the past decade, we have worked with numerous companies to identify the best ways to communicate with their audiences and stakeholders—when things are calm and when things are not so calm. That kind of work continues to find its way to our door,” Greenwood said. “I enjoy training c-suite executives and other key staff on messaging, crisis communication planning, and social media strategy.”

Another change involves losing physical office space and going virtual. “After renting spaces in Brookside and Waldo (Kansas City) for years, we found that office space was an unnecessary expense. My clients didn’t care if I had a fancy space or not. Now, we conduct most business online or meet at client offices or a coworking space. It lowers our overhead, and I pass those savings on to clients.”

Before founding AGPR, Greenwood was vice president of KCPT-TV in Kansas City and a public relations and marketing executive in the healthcare, higher education, and non-profit sectors.

He is a speaker and trainer on numerous PR and communications topics that reflect the needs of his clients. In November, he is teaching a crisis communication planning class at Enterprise University in Kansas City. Greenwood is a regular contributor discussing social media and communication on KCTV-5’s Better Kansas City Show. He is the host and producer of the Mysterious Goings On podcast and author of seven books.

AGPR is a charter member of Unified Strategies Public Relations™, an international network of Public Relations and marketing communications professionals, born out of a strong desire to provide clients with cost-effective solutions for all their communications needs.

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