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AI-Powered Holograms Reshape Marketing

Experiential Product Marketing Breakthrough for Immertia
Customer Engagement

A new era in product marketing is upon us with the introduction of the cutting-edge Hologram Concierge, seamlessly blending physical and digital realms to reshape brand-consumer relationships. Utilizing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), e-commerce, and smartphone technology, this ground-breaking solution unlocks a novel communication channel directly through product packaging.

The Hologram Concierge allows consumers to scan product packaging with their smartphones, activating a lifelike, three-dimensional holographic assistant. This intelligent assistant provides detailed information about the brand and product, dynamically moving and gesturing to create a realistic and engaging experience. The surrounding environment also transforms with clickable virtual links and floating 3D content, captivating consumers.

A demonstration of the Holographic Concierge, activating from product packaging can be viewed on the Immertia website.

Dave Chaffey, Managing Director of Immertia, is excited about the potential application of this technology: ” The response to the concept has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve established a new channel for brands to engage consumers via their products.  It’s created a lot of excitement within the industry.”

Chaffey continues, “The Hologram Concierge offers brands an unparalleled opportunity to engage consumers directly from the label. By providing a captivating and informative experience, it enhances the overall brand experience, making it an invaluable addition to the marketing mix.”

Experiential Platform

The Hologram Concierge is part of a broader experiential platform called Displai, which enhances and extends product packaging utility using AI and virtual technology to drive consumer engagement and elevate the value packaging delivers for brands.

“The Hologram Concierge is just one of the immersive product-based features powered by Displai. By combining multiple cutting-edge technologies, we’re enabling brands to communicate with their customers in innovative ways. Engaging consumers through product packaging sets the ideal stage to communicate with customers, plus it’s easily implemented by marketing teams, and creates an intuitive go-to destination for consumers to connect with brands.”

Chaffey also emphasizes opportunities for marketing agencies and creative specialists: “The platform allows marketers to introduce additional layers of interaction, enabling brands to share more information, showcase complementary products, and offer engaging content. It’s a powerful way to increase customer engagement and drive sales.”

A key feature of the platform is its seamless integration with existing product packaging. The technology can be implemented across entire product ranges instantly, without requiring any changes to the product design, artwork, or layout – a feature which has drawn the attention of several large brands.

As the Hologram Concierge technology gains traction, Chaffey envisions a bright future for this powerful solution: “We’re currently working on enabling the holographic concierge to answer product-related questions from consumers in real-time. This will further enhance trust and credibility between brands and consumers, ushering in a new era of conversational commerce.”

Immertia is actively rolling out the Hologram Concierge technology to packaging manufacturers, marketing agencies, and consumer goods brands. Chaffey believes that the industry’s adoption of this technology will drive innovation in design and functionality, elevating the entire sector.

“This is a new frontier for brand engagement, and a catalyst for positive change. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

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