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AI Smart Scheduling Boosts Social Posting for Small Businesses


Hookle introduces Smart Scheduling, leveraging AI to simplify social media posting for small businesses. By analyzing post content and engagement trends, Smart Scheduling optimizes posting times, maximizing visibility and engagement effortlessly, benefitting users with enhanced efficiency. This innovation reflects Hookle’s dedication to empowering entrepreneurs with accessible, AI-enhanced marketing tools.

Hookle, a leader in innovative social media marketing solutions for small businesses, today unveiled its latest breakthrough: Smart Scheduling. This advanced AI-powered feature sets a new standard in social media scheduling by enabling entrepreneurs to optimize their posting strategies with unmatched ease and efficiency.

Unlike traditional tools that schedule posts based solely on follower activity timing, Hookle’s Smart Scheduling analyzes a variety of factors, including post content and engagement trends across multiple platforms. This real-time analysis enables the tool to not only select the best time but also the ideal day for each post, and for different strategies, offering significant advantages over conventional scheduling methods.

“Capturing the right moment to engage with audiences has traditionally been more of an art than a science,” said Tero Seppälä, CEO of Hookle. “Our new Smart Scheduling turns this art into a precise science. Smart Scheduling also seamlessly integrates into the publishing flow, making Hookle even simpler yet more powerful. With AI doing the heavy lifting, our users achieve better results with more accurate and efficient scheduling at a fraction of the cost compared to expensive marketing agencies and complex traditional tools.”

This innovation underscores Hookle’s commitment to delivering accessible, AI-enhanced social media marketing tools tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. By simplifying and automating the social media management process, Hookle empowers entrepreneurs around the world to maximize their online impact with minimal effort and cost. For more information about Hookle and the new Smart Scheduling feature, please visit

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