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AI Supercharges Latest Version of Tridion Docs

New Tridion Docs Genius and Draft Companion modules mark major leap forward for organizations with complex content requirements
AI Supercharges

RWS, a unique, world-leading provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property solutions, introduces a range of AI enhancements to the latest version of Tridion Docs (15.1), allowing authors to be more productive and enabling enterprises to take advantage of generative AI when delivering highly reliable information to users.

One of the key features within Tridion Docs Genius is a new AI-driven knowledge portal, which helps employees, customers and partners find the information they need more quickly across vast amounts of information and documents. It presents contextual information associated with a query, helping to solve problems faster. A revolutionary new way of dynamically displaying results, called Hexahops™, moves on from the notion of linear search, and instead displays suggested responses and resources around a central topic in a honeycomb format.

A new ‘Trustable Chat’ feature is also included within Tridion Docs Genius. The chat gives clear, reliable answers to questions, together with direct links to the source materials – as well as follow-up actions based on the conversation topic. All information and responses displayed in the chat function are based on the underlying Tridion Docs content, providing a very high level of accuracy and reliability due to the use of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

“Failing to find what you need among huge amounts of information is not just frustrating – it leads to wasted time and resources,” explains Alex Abey, General Manager of RWS’s content management portfolio. “These new features mark a massive leap forward for content-heavy organizations, who can now open up their information in a visually intuitive and highly efficient way using the power of AI – without losing confidence in the content itself.”

Content creation has also been enhanced in Tridion Docs Draft Space with the introduction of Draft Companion. This feature, underpinned by Generative AI, acts as a second pair of eyes for the author by spotting and fixing grammar and spelling issues, rephrasing sentences and phrases, summarizing text and more.

Tridion Docs is the leading Component Content Management System (CCMS) designed for organizations with large volumes of information in any language. It turns business-critical information into intelligent content, reduces risk, boosts productivity and delivers better content experiences.

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