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Airbyte announces the public launch of the Airbyte API

With new API, engineers can now manage Airbyte Cloud at scale – increasing efficiency and saving time

Airbyte, creators of the fastest-growing open-source data integration platform, today announced the public launch of the Airbyte API. Now, engineers can manage large deployments efficiently, integrate Airbyte Cloud with other tools in the modern data stack, and leverage Airbyte functionality to automate data movement.

Software and data engineers can now automate various data integration tasks by interacting with Airbyte Cloud programmatically through the API, rather than only manually through the Airbyte Cloud user interface. Other companies that want to provide data movement within their own products can also use the API to embed Airbyte Cloud’s data movement capabilities directly into their product offerings.

The Airbyte API is a developer-friendly interface with key benefits that include the following.

  • Automation at scale – Often, there are too many data sources and connections to manage manually. Automation via the API helps reduce errors and improves efficiency, freeing up time.
  • Integration with existing tools that companies already have as part of their ELT infrastructure. For example, integrating Airbyte Cloud with orchestration tools like Airflow, Dagster, or Prefect makes it easier to manage and monitor data pipelines and ensure data is flowing smoothly between sources and destinations.
  • A Terraform SDK (coming soon) to define configurations and automate deployments as part of CI/CD pipelines. This will enable Airbyte resources and configurations to be version-controlled, reviewed, and tested, helping engineering teams to further increase development speed while improving reliability, consistency, and scalability of their infrastructure and applications.

“The Airbyte API is enabling data engineers to manage their data infrastructure efficiently, freeing up time to concentrate on the core value of their business,” said Riley Brook, product lead at Airbyte. “Since the beta release, we’ve seen a fast rate of adoption as a go-to tool for data teams. Now with the Airbyte API being publicly available, we expect to see that accelerate even further.”

One company that has already started benefiting from the Airbyte API is Fillip Fleet, which is using Airbyte Cloud to sync data from MongoDB to Snowflake. Fillip also utilizes the API to orchestrate ELT workflows through Airflow in conjunction with Airbyte Cloud.

“The Airbyte API enables us to streamline our entire ELT processing workflow without having to worry about the multiple tools we’re using,” said Trish Quintans, data engineering lead, Fillip Fleet.

Airbyte makes moving data easy and affordable across almost any source and destination, helping enterprises provide their users with access to the right data for analysis and decision-making. Airbyte has the largest data engineering contributor community – with more than 600 contributors – and the best tooling to build and maintain connectors with its Connector Development Kit.

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