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AirDroid Business Delivers Affordable and Flexible Alternative Solution for SMBs to Implement Digital Signage

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, AirDroid Business, a leading provider of mobile device management (MDM) solution for businesses, today announced its digital signage capabilities for small to medium businesses (SMBs) looking to implement digital advertising initiatives as part of their advertising and sales strategies. The solution enables budget-conscious SMBs to turn any Android device with a screen into a digital signage station, taking away the need for businesses to invest significant capital in dedicated signage infrastructure.

“Our research has shown that setting up infrastructure for digital signage can range anywhere from $6,000 to $30,000[1] for an SMB,” says Anson Shiong, CEO of AirDroid Business. “For many SMBs who aren’t looking for extensive features, this is not a realistic price point, so we developed a solution that takes existing, or at least accessible, infrastructure such as an Android tablet, which can retail for as little as $100, and turn it into digital signage.”

The solution works by utilizing a range of existing AirDroid Business features, including two-way bulk file transfer capabilities to transfer the digital advertisements, and Kiosk Mode, which enables users to lock devices to one or multiple apps. By using Kiosk Mode, a tablet locked to displaying a digital advertisement can’t be tampered with by curious customers or staff members.

Shiong believes the two simple, but flexible, features have enabled SMBs to do more on a lower budget, while also empowering them to be more reactive to their markets. “Now, if a restaurant, for example, wants to do a daily special based on food items that need to be cleared, they don’t have to spend hours creating advertisements, getting them printed, and then installing them. They can just put together the advertisement and have it displayed in minutes.”

Key features of AirDroid Businesses Kiosk Mode:

  • App Whitelist: enables administrators to add apps to a whitelist. Only apps on the whitelist are displayed when the device is in Kiosk mode.
  • Custom Branding: allows administrators to customize a device’s operating interface and screen appearance
  • Device Configuration: enables administrators to define which peripheral functions – such as screen brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, volume and more – are accessible to staff and customers
  • Device Management, which enables administrators to view which devices are in kiosk mode so they can be toggled on or off as required.
  • Password protection: protects the deployed device from unauthorized access.

These features are in addition to the already robust offerings of AirDroid Business, which include a cloud-based admin console, device remote access capabilities, device group and access rights, application management, group notifications, and many more.

So how can an SMB use AirDroid Business to implement its digital signage initiatives? It’s simple and can be set up in only three steps:

  • The administrator can use the bulk file transfer feature to distribute the advertisement file to all or select devices remotely.
  • The file can be opened on the displaying device using a media player app remotely, or by an on-site employee.
  • Once the advertisement is opened, the administrator can toggle Kiosk Mode to lock the media player app, so the device cannot be tampered with.


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About AirDroid

As a pioneer in mobile device management since 2011, AirDroid has been a flagship product of Sand Studio, who is dedicated to creating innovative personal and enterprise mobile device management solutions specifically for Android devices. With over 50 million downloads, AirDroid has become popular among individuals and businesses looking for easy ways to remotely manage their Android devices. Leveraging its innovation serving individual users, AirDroid extends to its enterprise customers an easy-to-use mobile device management solution that fuses strategic and tactical smarts, delivering business vibrancy to each and every business owner and IT professional managing Android devices on various remote sites.






Airdroid Business enables budget-conscious SMBs to turn any Android device with a screen into a digital signage station, taking away the need for businesses to invest significant capital in dedicated signage infrastructure.

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