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ALC relaunches as Adstra, sets foot in the identity graph marketspace

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ALC, the marketing data company which had embarked into the market 40 years ago and created customer segments for advertisers using direct mail has announced the rebranding and relaunching of the firm as Adstra. The martech news community notifies that the new mission of the company is to become a data onboarding and identity graph provider.

Adstra will be seen following the well-churned pathway for organizations that disrupted the consumer data sets offline based on landline phone numbers and home addresses into the identity data services online which include Acxiom, IRI, and Neustar.

Rick Erwin, the CEO of Adstra and former co-president of Acxiom’s Marketing solutions business stated that this step of the company will open up a number of opportunities for the former ALC data, due to the fact that instead of solely working with organizations and brand that execute campaigns of direct mail marketing, these identity assets will prove to be an invaluable sell to new DTC brands, agencies as well as ad tech firms such as DSPs where the data is bought and utilized.

Erwin further stated that another key differentiator of Adstra from the traditional legacy data brokerages is that this firm has the capability of performing executions within the own data operations for a brand or an agency. The ad tech firms or marketers will no longer have to buy audience packages or enhance their own, the data of Adstra has the capability of running within the identity graph of another organization without even feeding that data back to Adstra.

Erwin stated that unlike other data and identity providers who want to be the sole provider for their customers, Adstra is not trying to be a sole data and identity provider, it is just seizing the opportunities that lie in the gaps.

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