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Alchemer Launches Alchemer Workflow

First-to-market features drive deeper engagements to increase customer adoption, retention, growth, and advocacy.

Alchemer – a global leader in experience management and enterprise feedback technology – today announced the launch of Alchemer Workflow. Alchemer Workflow leverages Alchemer’s award-winning heritage to deliver the fastest, easiest, most effective way to close the feedback loop with customers and employees.

Alchemer Workflow is available immediately.

Independent market research says closing the loop is the biggest challenge facing CX and VoC professionals. 84% of those surveyed believe their programs are essential to their company’s success, but only 24% say their programs effectively address the feedback they collect.

“When customers don’t hear back from organizations after sharing requested feedback, it destroys relationships, brand, and trust,” said Alchemer CEO David Roberts. “With Alchemer Workflow, our customers collect the best feedback and build on it to create deeper, more engaged relationships with customers and employees.”

Alchemer Workflow includes market-first features such as:

  • Connected surveys, which trigger follow-on surveys to help organizations delve into customer feedback, providing precision on what actions to take
  • No-code process and logic arguments to connect feedback to systems of communication and action
  • Logic branching that allows organizations to differentiate their response based on their customers’ specific feedback and preferences

“Typically, employee engagement is a once-a-year type of conversation,” said customer, Kyle Burnam, CEO of Infosurv Research. “Alchemer Workflow can help us to transform that into more of an ongoing conversation, where we’re continually engaging employees based on how they respond to previous surveys and questions.”

Alchemer Workflow helps brands visualize and build continually closing feedback loops. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to automate activities behind the scenes, freeing customer-facing employees to respond personally to people who have given feedback.

“Alchemer Workflow solves the biggest problem in our industry – how to respond and act on the feedback that’s collected,” said Alchemer SVP of Products and Services, Ryan Tamminga. “None of us believe ‘thank you for your feedback’ closes the loop. With Alchemer Workflow, you can inject feedback into your business in a way that allows for every voice to be heard and action taken at scale.”

Alchemer Workflow helps any team or department that collects feedback – customer experience, employee experience, UX research, business processes and operations, and market research – effectively close the loop with customers or employees to increase customer retention, adoption, advocacy, and growth.

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