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Alchemer Releases 2023 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report

Data from more than one billion mobile app installs shows higher app ratings, reviews, and retention are directly tied to closing the loop with customers

Alchemer – a global leader in experience management and enterprise feedback technology – today launched the eighth-annual Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report. This study presents the analysis and key findings of trends seen in the mobile-app landscape and across 11 industries during the past year.

Data from more than one billion mobile app installations was collected from Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive) customers representing 1,000 different iOS and Android apps. The 2023 Benchmark Report found that customer sentiment, retention, reviews, and ratings all showed significant improvement when mobile-app owners closed the loop with their customers. This report gives app publishers across major industries a valuable baseline to identify strengths and opportunities for growth and improvement.

Alchemer Mobile’s in-app customer feedback platform helps app providers measure shifts in customer emotion and gather actionable feedback across their mobile customer journeys. Using proactive mobile communication tools, Alchemer Mobile strengthens customer understanding to manage brand reputation, create seamless customer experiences, and validate product roadmaps. Alchemer Mobile powers millions of customer interactions every month on hundreds of millions of devices worldwide for companies including FanDuel, CNN, JetBlue, Experian, Arby’s, Zillow, and Safeway.

The Benchmark Report presents critical findings from mobile-app providers and is broken down by major industries including media and entertainment, finance, food and drink, healthcare, personal services, shopping, travel, utilities, business services, and education.

“The business landscape for app publishers is evolving quickly and continuously,” said Ryan Tamminga, SVP, Product and Services at Alchemer. “Year over year, the Benchmark Report has consistently shown that when app publishers ask for customer feedback and immediately action that feedback, major improvements in key metrics are the result. This report highlights for app publishers the best ways to immediately strengthen performance and customer sentiment using the Alchemer Mobile in-app feedback solution.”

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