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Alida “Activate” Spring Conference Brings Together CX Pros

Global professionals came together to learn how to elevate their brand’s customer experiences and quantify its strategic business value
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Alida (formerly Vision Critical), creator of the world’s first CXM & Insights Platform, wrapped its Spring virtual Customer Experience (CX) conference featuring industry experts, global Fortune 500 brands and CX innovators. Session registrants joined the event from across North America, Europe, and Asia to learn how to put customer feedback into action and improve experiences across the customer journey.

A spin-off event to Alida’s annual Fall conference series, Alida Activate Spring is a half-day virtual conference focused on giving attendees the skills they need to put a CX strategy into action and quantify its business impact. Insights from industry experts were paired with an afternoon masterclass series and take-home workbook to give all attendees the tools they need to build and measure a CX strategy.

“I’m inspired to see so many organizations have begun to realize the value of customer experience (CX) to both their customers and company,” said Kerry Bodine, CEO of Bodine & Co and keynote speaker at Alida Activate. “Alida Activate was the perfect event to demystify CX and provide the tools and knowledge necessary for brands to reach the next level of CX excellence.”

Bodine kicked off the conference with her keynote ‘Demystifying Customer Experience’, which revealed insights on how brands can infuse customer insights into both the design and ongoing management of customer interactions. A Voice of Customer panel of leading women in the industry from Twitter, Autodesk, Adobe, HBOMax and Alida, discussed how understanding Voice of Customer inspires their teams to think critically, differently and what the future of VoC looks like as we continue to navigate a digital-first world. Informative sessions followed including ‘Experience Design’ with expert UX Designer Sarah Doody, ‘Experience Foundations’ by Alida’s in-house CX expert, Paul Hagen, and ‘Experience Economics’ by Kevin Kwong and Nicole Kealey from Alida.

The masterclass equipped attendees with industry insights, value-based skills and lessons from personalized experiences in understanding customers’ truth and evaluating the revenue impact of CX strategies. Presenters also shared their specific approaches on putting insights into action, leaving attendees empowered to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

“Alida Activate is an impactful platform to share insights and learn from experts in the industry,” said Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida. “Understanding customers’ truths and knowing how to act on those insights  is invaluable to a brand’s success. We’re thrilled to host an event where CX professionals can discuss, learn, and take away innovative strategies to provide the best experiences for their customers.”

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