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All For One Media Announces Worldwide YouTube Launch

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All For One Media Corp. (OTC: AFOM) (“All For One Media”, “AFOM”, or the “Company”), an entertainment marketing company, is pleased to announce the global expansion of the Company’s motion picture Drama Drama to viewers worldwide, free of charge, on YouTube beginning this week.

“We have laboriously studied the market and have now seen over 30 offers from entities interested in acquiring full rights for the movie,” commented Brian Lukow, AFOM CEO. “We have rejected every offer because we want to ensure the widest possible market in terms of viewers. As I have repeatedly point out: this motion picture is a 100-minute ad campaign to fuel the launch of the Drama Drama brand, which we expect to derive revenues from music, movies, merchandise, live performances, and numerous other streams.”

YouTube has 2.3 billion monthly users worldwide and 79% of all internet users have their own YouTube account. YouTube viewers watch over a Billion hours of content every day. Management notes that YouTube has recently reported exceptional growth from people watching YouTube on Television sets connected to the internet. During Google’s most recent earnings conference call, chief business officer Phillipp Schindler noted his belief that “YouTube on TV is the fastest growing consumer surface.”

Lukow added, “The decision to place the film on YouTube was an easy one. YouTube provides us with the largest worldwide reach. On the Drama Drama YouTube channel, kids will be able to access the film in over 100 countries. YouTube is by every measure the largest streaming platform in the world and the one that places the least amount of friction between content and potential viewers. There’s no gating, no need for a subscription, no pitch. Just content. We see maximizing eyeballs as the #1 goal. And we are thrilled to share Drama Drama with the world.”

For those who prefer, Drama Drama will still be available streaming (SVOD) on Amazon Prime to the 126 million Amazon Prime subscribers as well as on every major TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand) and AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) platform.

In addition, Drama Drama, the girl group, is releasing its first new single, “Perfectly”, this week on all music streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.

“We are so excited to bring new Drama Drama music to the masses,” concluded Lukow. “‘Perfectly’ is a tremendous Pop Song that will resonate with our audience as we expand the Drama Drama brand.”

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