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Allego announces new research on sales conversations

Sales enablement platform provider analyzed nearly 24,000 sales conversations in partnership with Sales Insights Labs, revealing insights into what top-performing sales reps do differently today

Allego, the leading sales enablement platform provider, today announced new research on sales conversations in partnership with Sales Insights Lab, a training and data research firm. The Sales Call Research Report provides best practices of top-performing sales reps and offers valuable insights into what lower-performing sales reps can do to increase their win rates and drive revenue for their organization.

In partnership with Sales Insights Labs, Allego analyzed nearly 24,000 of the company’s own sales reps’ conversations recorded by Allego Conversation Intelligence and compared the calls of top-performing sales reps with those of lower performers. The data revealed top-performing sales reps are more conversational, engaging, persuasive and curious, put prospects at ease, and focus on solutions rather than features.

Here’s a closer look at the key findings of top performers from the data. Top performers:

  • Make 54% more conversation switches on calls and 78% more in presentations.
  • Have discovery calls that are 76% longer and presentation calls that are 55% longer.
  • Don’t necessarily talk less, but get prospects talking way more.
  • Speak more slowly—and their prospects do, too.
  • Both ask and receive far more questions.
  • Discuss product features far less.

“Top sales performers sell differently, but most teams lack visibility into exactly what makes these individuals better salespeople. When sales managers can’t identify the winning behaviors, they’re missing the knowledge they need to replicate their A players and improve performance across the team,” said Mark Magnacca, president and co-founder of Allego. “Using Conversation Intelligence to record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls gives managers actionable insights into how their sales reps are performing at any given moment. And the data makes it clear that top performers take their time with each prospect and focus far more on what problems the product solves for them rather than its features.”

To view the full research report or learn more about how to empower sales reps to become top performers, visit

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